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Heart to heart

Trinity Rep’s hurtful, humorous Memory House
It’s a wonder, Gilmore Girls notwithstanding, that our species keeps producing mothers willing to produce daughters.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  November 27, 2007


Old meets new

Trinity Rep preps its 31st Christmas Carol
At regional theaters around the country, Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol , that cash cow successfully mated with a golden goose, might as well be called Déjà Vu .
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  November 20, 2007

Choukoun’s Bistro

Home cooking, Haitian-style
When a restaurant names itself after a poem, it’s easy to assume the best.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  November 14, 2007

Mood swings

Brown’s Melancholy Play is seriously funny
As national defining traits go, the reputation of Americans for giddy optimism, whistling through the boneyard of existential adversity, is probably better than France’s rep for producing rude waiters.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  November 13, 2007


A unisex steakhouse
What’s with all the steakhouses opening up in downtown Providence?
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  November 07, 2007

Future schlock

Weightless’ allegories need more emotion
Academics with lifetime job security aren’t the only ones living in ivory towers, says playwright Christine Evans with Weightless .
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  November 07, 2007


Slowly they turn

RITE's melodramtic take on The Bells
We are heading toward a sentimental season of holidays, so the Rhode Island Theatre Ensemble is preparing the way with a wintry 19th-century melodrama, Leopold Lewis’s The Bells .
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  November 06, 2007


Nixon being Nixon

Gamm’s funny night at the White House
Nixon’s Nixon is to Richard Nixon what Dante’s Inferno was to Satan, though less sympathetic.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  October 30, 2007


Role playing

PC acts up in Noises Off
For a couple of hours, this talented troupe has us believing that it’s just that simple — and that funny.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  October 30, 2007

Cattails City Grill

Adding up to a fine time
It’s the little things that count in a restaurant experience, n’est pas?
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  October 24, 2007


Intense states

Logic meets emotional truth in Weightless
English-born, Australia-raised playwright Christine Evans appreciates any style of theater if it’s done well.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  October 24, 2007

Detective comics

Brown’s playful City of Angels
Tough guys and loose women populate the lighthearted musical City of Angels like tykes playing dress-up.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  October 24, 2007


Get-together seeks answers on improved transit

Local motion
Angeles drivers aren’t the only ones who can’t give up their dependence on cars.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  October 17, 2007


Tears and joy

PBRC’s Two Can Play finds a moving balance
Yet soon, lo and behold, we find ourselves in a comedy, and the only battles are between the sexes.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  October 16, 2007


Good Stuff

URI finds humor at the White House
News and exposés about the Iraq war have been draining us mosquito-style over the years.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  October 16, 2007

Pane e Vino

A loaf of bread, a glass of wine
Yes, there seem to be more Italian restaurants on Federal Hill than pigeons in the Piazza San Marco.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  October 10, 2007

Blissful bustle

RWU Theatre’s frisky Hay Fever
As vicarious fun goes, following about a party of squabbling hosts and befuddled guests at a country estate might not be much to recommend Hay Fever.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  October 09, 2007


Wilde thing

2nd Story’s Gross Indecency
Kaufman has revitalized the staged docudrama with imagination and arrow-swift directness, and 2nd Story Theatre is demonstrating just how that looks.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  October 09, 2007

Rodizio Steakhouse

All you can meat
Pity the poor carnivore, in most dining settings.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  September 26, 2007


World of wonder

David Wilson's wry offerings
You’d be surprised at how many people take the wry offerings of David Wilson’s Museum of Jurassic Technology completely seriously.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  September 25, 2007


Stark contrasts

Trinity Rep’s All the King’s Men is a masterpiece
The 20th anniversary production of Trinity Repertory Company’s All the King’s Men is remarkable, not simply a skillful reprise but a re-envisioning.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  September 25, 2007

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