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Review: Adesso On the Hill

As special as ever
Adesso is now "On the Hill," as opposed to off of Thayer Street, where the marvelous restaurant was located until closing in 2005.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  April 09, 2013


A case of black and white

Ocean State plays Mamet's 'Race' card
It's inarguable that to some extent racism in America is a disease that the civil rights era did not completely inoculate this country against. The argument is about exactly what that extent has been, and David Mamet's provocative play Race explores that matter with fulminating energy and some insight.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  April 02, 2013


The Wilbury Group's 'Body Awareness'

Eye of the beholder
The male gaze. Men can think of it as merely admiring, complimentary. Woman may consider it creepy. Such is the annoying conflict between the two sub-species that Wilbury Group is examining with Annie Baker's 'Body Awareness.'
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  March 27, 2013


Trinity Rep's half-baked 'Social Creatures'

Appetite for destruction
'Social Creatures,' by Jackie Sibblies Drury, is getting a valiant effort to bring it to life, thanks to a talented cast and brave-hearted direction by Curt Columbus. But, as with the zombie menace it depicts, that would be quite a tall order.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  March 26, 2013


2nd Story’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Square peg, round hole
Ken Kesey's 1962 novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest was such a dramatic indictment of the culture of the time that it was made into a play the very next year, adapted by Dale Wasserman.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  March 20, 2013


The Gamm’s absorbing The Real Thing

Words of love
How many words do the Inuit have for snow?
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  March 20, 2013


Hot spot, Jamaican style

The Half Way Tree
Among the virtues of Jamaica, which include the glow of its sunshine and friendly people, is the island's cuisine.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  March 06, 2013


Ocean State Theatre Company’s Rent

Paying their dues
It may have been a latecomer as a rock musical, arriving 19 years after Hair rattled the boards in 1967, but Rent is overflowing with everything there is to love about both musicals and high-energy music.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  March 11, 2013


Brown/Trinity Rep MFA’s Rhinoceros

Following the herd
Ever have days when you're just not yourself?
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  February 27, 2013


Review: Flan y Ajo

Little place, little dishes
It's a tiny place, which is appropriate.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  February 26, 2013


Epic’s Six Degrees of Separation

Mind games
The value of imagination, the nature of trust and betrayal, the responsibilities of compassion, the uncertainty of innocence — these are all facets of John Guare's gem of a play Six Degrees of Separation , which is getting a surprisingly moving production by Epic Theatre Company (through February 24), directed by Matt Fraza.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  February 20, 2013


Review: Golden Chopstix

Some yummy dim sum
Since the Chinese invented gunpowder, the toothbrush, and paper money, we might as well also credit them with Spanish tapas and Scandinavian smörgåsbord.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  February 12, 2013


Wilbury’s Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity

Wrestling mania
There's a terrific surprise awaiting theatergoers willing to venture beyond the usual Trinity and off-Trinity environs, into the outskirts of darkest Olneyville.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  February 06, 2013

PC stages Tony Kushner’s The Illusion

This is your life (maybe)
Politicians want to talk about politics, fishmongers about fish, and it's no wonder the playwrights want to talk about theater.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  February 06, 2013


Review: Bonefish Grill

A well-polished and very tasty link
There are chains that give chain restaurants a bad name, that think earned popularity can be franchised.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  February 05, 2013


2nd Story’s masterful Amadeus

Music and madness
Poor Antonio Salieri. Try as he might to make his compositions sound more Germanic, the Lombardy-born court composer was forever grouped with other Italians in their suspected nefarious cabals.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  January 29, 2013

Ocean State Theatre Company’s Fools

Simon being simple
Neil Simon's comic fable Fools is getting a talented and chuckle-packed production by Ocean State Theatre Company (through February 10), which might have mildly annoyed the playwright if he knew.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  January 29, 2013


Review: Uncle Jo Jo’s Pizza & Pasta

Bountiful simplicity
Since there are more Italian restaurants on Federal Hill than potholes on Providence sidestreets, it's easy for newcomers without favorite spots to just go home and order Chinese delivered.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  January 22, 2013


The Gamm’s majestic Anne Boleyn

A delightful dervish
The Gamm Theatre has pulled off a couple of coups.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  January 22, 2013


Trinity Rep’s Crime and Punishment

The Devil inside
As voluminous Russian novels go, none could be boiled down to a 90-minute stage adaptation with unsurprising economy as well as Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment , which Trinity Repertory Company is proving with authority and imagination (through February 24).
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  January 23, 2013


Million Dollar Quartet rocks at PPAC

The Fab Four
A jukebox musical is a pretty low-concept idea, no matter how entertaining the production might turn out.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  January 22, 2013

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