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Guides for 'Complete Idiots'

Judging By Their Covers Dept.
If you want more proof of the degeneracy of modern American society, look no farther than the series of books labeled The Complete Idiot's Guide To .
By: JEFF INGLIS  |  July 07, 2010

Wrong, right: The Nateva Music and Camping Festival media brouhaha

Press releases
You probably missed the kerfuffle over the rules governing media access to particular areas of this weekend's Nateva Music and Camping Festival, and over what (if any) rights news photographers would have to the images they made during the multi-day event.
By: JEFF INGLIS  |  July 01, 2010


Holy war

How an unholy alliance of Catholics, Mormons, and evangelicals seeks to control our lives
And so it came to pass, Roman Catholics, Mormons, and evangelical Protestants have banded together to battle, well, the rest of us — the heathens, the godless liberals, the Hitchens-reading progressives.
By: JEFF INGLIS  |  June 28, 2010

A call to action

Press releases
In this campaign season of railing against government and the status quo, do you actually know much about all the different things your government does?
By: JEFF INGLIS  |  June 02, 2010

Referendum questions

June Election
All Maine voters — whether you are registered as a member of a particular party or not — get to vote on five questions on June 8.
By: JEFF INGLIS  |  May 19, 2010

Deering High musician having a banner year

Up-and-Comers Dept.
You might have caught 18-year-old Dominic Sbrega on NPR’s From the Top last week, playing Mexican folk-dance music on his stand-up bass.
By: JEFF INGLIS  |  May 12, 2010

Attorneys cleared

Three attorneys who faced allegations of professional misconduct have been cleared of wrongdoing by a committee of the Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar, according to a ruling issued last week.
By: JEFF INGLIS  |  May 12, 2010


Press Releases
As the gubernatorial primary date inches closer, we’re starting to see more and more TV ads showing would-be governors touting themselves and their qualifications for the job.
By: JEFF INGLIS  |  May 05, 2010


Tyme fer moore lernin’

Tee-Partee Lohjik
Much sport has been made of the hilariously misspelled signs created and proudly displayed at rallies by barely literate Tea Partiers.
By: JEFF INGLIS  |  April 28, 2010

Tree party

Press Releases
It was, quite obviously, big news when President Barack Obama came to town last week.
By: JEFF INGLIS  |  April 08, 2010

Relentlessly ringing freedom

Northern New England’s Tea Partiers go local
Amid relentless bell-ringing (“Let freedom ring!” chanted the enthusiasts as they deprived passersby of their hearing and sanity), the Tea Party came to Portland last week to greet President Barack Obama.
By: JEFF INGLIS  |  April 07, 2010

CMP attorney, state regulators under review

Rule of Law
Three prominent Maine attorneys — two who are state employees and the third who works for one of the state’s largest regulated utility companies — will appear together this week before the grievance committee of the Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar, the professional organization monitoring attorney conduct.
By: JEFF INGLIS  |  March 31, 2010


Barring the way to public records

More Government Fees
The Maine Legislature is considering a move that will make it more difficult for concerned citizens to find out what their government is up to.
By: JEFF INGLIS  |  March 17, 2010

Haiti troubles

Press Releases
What can we learn from the Portland Press Herald's month-long-and-counting series following the beleaguered Sea Hunter ship carrying relief supplies from Portland to Haiti? Quite a bit, but more about the Press Herald's commitment to skeptical observing and detached reporting than anything else.
By: JEFF INGLIS  |  March 10, 2010

We heart even more people!

We were right. We told you two weeks ago that any list of Portland's Most Influential people was inherently incomplete — and so it was.
By: JEFF INGLIS  |  February 24, 2010

Should non-citizens vote?

Government Reform
We Americans know we don't like taxation without representation in our democracy, but should we allow participation without naturalization?
By: JEFF INGLIS  |  February 17, 2010


Baldacci, Dems raise broad-based taxes

What Promise? Dept.
Despite numerous repeated claims that he and his party will not raise "broad-based taxes" while attempting to solve Maine's decade-old budget disaster, Democratic governor John Baldacci and legislative Democrats have done exactly that, and are now expanding those efforts by increasing an additional tax that hits many Mainers.
By: JEFF INGLIS  |  February 17, 2010


We heart these people

Meet Portland's most influential
We all know Portland is a busy, exciting place to live. It takes a lot of people's amazing energy to keep it going, though. Who's doing the moving and the shaking?
By: JEFF INGLIS  |  February 10, 2010

Protecting liberty

Press Releases
Newspapers need to be stronger watchdogs about government attempts to intrude on individual rights.
By: JEFF INGLIS  |  February 10, 2010

The US Supreme Court has saved us from financial ruin

Not a modest proposal
There has been powerful criticism of the recent US Supreme Court ruling that corporations are truly people, and deserve all the rights people have, including the right to spend as much as they wish to support or oppose candidates in elections.
By: JEFF INGLIS  |  February 10, 2010


Nickelodeon to screen local flicks

Show Your Work
Eddy Bolz, a projectionist at the Nickelodeon Cinemas, wants local filmmakers to send him their feature-length movies for possible showing on the big screen.
By: JEFF INGLIS  |  February 03, 2010

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