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What's the plan?

Is Portland’s development push a good thing for its citizens?
Dating back to its founding, Portland’s economic model was one that relied on finding ways to extract value from perishable resources—trees; the ocean; and later, manufacturing—and direct that value elsewhere. Today, Portland’s prized asset is lifestyle and real estate.
By: JIM BAUMER  |  October 11, 2014


Political firing of MTI president still a mystery

You better watch your step
The sudden dismissal of Robert Martin, director of the Maine Technology Institute (MTI), raises questions and red flags.
By: JIM BAUMER  |  August 22, 2014

Seeking a New Economic Development Paradigm(1)

 Beyond the buzz
 Beyond the buzz
By: JIM BAUMER  |  June 25, 2014



Four fabulous summer reads, for natives and tourists alike
These four selections look at Maine through the lens of lobster rolls, Portland’s resplendent food scene, the state’s outdoor heritage, and our amazing craft beer.
By: JIM BAUMER  |  June 19, 2014


Art book shows creative side of autism

Across the Spectrum
Awareness and understanding lags behind, but an art book may help shed new light on the intersection of ASD and creativity.
By: JIM BAUMER  |  April 10, 2014
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