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Ten local shows to break the ice in early 2011

Stacked bills
If 2010 was the year Boston re-acquainted itself with its local music scene, then 2k11 should be one big party, right?
By: MICHAEL MAROTTA  |  December 29, 2010

Boston rock's 2010 in review

Locals scene and heard
In a year where the only party anthem we could all agree on was Auto-Tune the News'  "Bed Intruder" remix , it's no wonder Boston turned inward to reconnect with its native rock scene.
By: MICHAEL MAROTTA  |  December 22, 2010


Five electronic artists filling local stages

On the solo circuit
Five electronic artists filling local stages
By: MICHAEL MAROTTA  |  December 15, 2010


The Sunshine Factory | Sugar

Self-released (2010)
Never underestimate the impact of a My Bloody Valentine record.
By: MICHAEL MAROTTA  |  December 15, 2010


The future was now at the 2010 BMAs

Scene together
Scene together
By: MICHAEL MAROTTA  |  December 07, 2010


Peter Hook rediscovers his Unknown Pleasures

 Age of consent
Peter Hook has heard the criticism, and he does not care.
By: MICHAEL MAROTTA  |  December 01, 2010


Friends of E

 Boston rock rallies around the Di Guardia family
Last month, Central Square hosted a memorial party for the late Billy Ruane, who at 52 years old, pretty much everyone agreed, had lived a full, rich life. This Saturday, T.T. the Bear’s is once again the site of a show in someone’s memory.
By: MICHAEL MAROTTA  |  November 30, 2010


Weekend | Sports

Slumberland Records (2010)
Even in an age of excessive internet awareness and never-ending blog hype, it's easy to miss a young touring band on their first stop through town.
By: MICHAEL MAROTTA  |  November 30, 2010


A wild night for Billy Ruane

A wild night for Billy Ruane
The clock struck midnight at Billy Ruane's Memorial Birthday Bash last Wednesday night in Central Square, and suddenly, as if on cue, things kicked into high gear.
By: MICHAEL MAROTTA  |  November 24, 2010


Jail Weddings | Love Is Lawless

White Noise (2010)
Turns out there's more to music in Southern California than just bratty lo-fi surf pop, vanilla Laurel Canyon indie rock, and flashy 4 am electro.
By: MICHAEL MAROTTA  |  November 16, 2010


Bang Camaro fight the business of rock

Skidding out of control
It was January 6, 2009, on the set of The Late Show down in New York City, and Conan O'Brien just couldn't shut up about Bang Camaro. Even the normally stoic Max Weinberg admitted to being a fan.
By: MICHAEL MAROTTA  |  November 09, 2010


Going mod in Rock City

Allston Soul Club brings hip shaking to the Model
"Can you play some hip-hop, or Mariah Carey, or ODB or B.I.G.?" "I'm playing soul records," responds Ari Rosenfield.
By: MICHAEL MAROTTA  |  October 20, 2010


The Hundred in the Hands | The Hundred in the Hands

Warp Records (2010)
Eye-rolling hipsterdom may have reached new heights with Brooklyn boy/girl duo the Hundred in the Hands, who lifted their moniker from the Fetterman Massacre of 1866.
By: MICHAEL MAROTTA  |  October 19, 2010


The Drums | The Drums

Downtown Records (2010)
The Drums' Jonathan Pierce has it all mixed up — today's fame-seeking musicians are trading in their guitars for keyboards, not their keyboards for guitars.
By: MICHAEL MAROTTA  |  October 12, 2010


Gang of Fort Point

Eclectic label lives the Good Life in Cambridge
For a moment or two last Friday at the Middle East, the Fort Point Recordings showcase had the vibe of the old WBCN Rock N' Roll Rumble's preliminary round, circa 2004 or so, when the annual battle of the bands went down in the Cambridge club's upstairs room.
By: MICHAEL MAROTTA  |  October 12, 2010


The Cinnamon Fuzz | Cruise of the Century

Self-released (2010)
Self-released (2010)
By: MICHAEL MAROTTA  |  October 05, 2010


Aloud-er than bombs

The Exile era gets kickstarted with a party in the Fens
"All my possessions are fucking gone," says Aloud guitarist/vocalist Jen de la Osa after the band's September 23 Exile album-release party at Church.
By: MICHAEL MAROTTA  |  September 29, 2010


James: Surviving the trends after 30 years

Manchester orchestra
It's been almost two decades since Tim Booth of James stared blankly at the camera in the video for "Laid," garbed in a thin sheer dress with a metal handcuff around his left wrist, his now long-gone hair a poofy, curly mess.
By: MICHAEL MAROTTA  |  September 21, 2010


Higher yearning: Best Coast

'60s garage sound gone to pot
The day after a Best Coast gig in Minneapolis last week, a reviewer for the City Pages alt-weekly bemoaned the fact that the Los Angeles trio took a whole two hours — two hours! — to hit the stage after doors opened.
By: MICHAEL MAROTTA  |  September 21, 2010


Interview: Michael Angelakos of Passion Pit on their local ties, remixes, and upcoming album

Passion Pit keep rising higher and higher and higher
Passion Pit aren’t ours anymore.
By: MICHAEL MAROTTA  |  September 15, 2010

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