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Bill Callahan | Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle

Drag City (2009)
In the first moments of "Jim Cain," Bill Callahan gives a concise description of his work: "I used to be darker," he sings, "then I got lighter, then I got dark again."
By: MICHAEL PATRICK BRADY  |  April 14, 2009


Black Dice | Repo

Paw Tracks (2009)
Spearheaded by Brooklyn trio Black Dice and their peers, American noise rock is less like the pure noise of Merzbow and more like a renewal of dark, grinding industrial rhythms.
By: MICHAEL PATRICK BRADY  |  April 06, 2009


Bonnie 'Prince' Billy | Beware

Drag City (2009)
Will Oldham's time as Bonnie "Prince" Billy has been overwhelmingly fruitful, but even amid that strong back catalogue, Beware stands out as one of his fullest, most complete works.
By: MICHAEL PATRICK BRADY  |  March 17, 2009


Arbouretum | Song of the Pearl

Thrill Jockey (2009)
Dave Heumann has learned much in stints backing Oldham brothers projects like Bonnie Prince Billy and Anomoanon.
By: MICHAEL PATRICK BRADY  |  March 03, 2009


Mi Ami | Watersports

Quarterstick (2009)
After a contentious stint with DC rockers Black Eyes, Daniel Martin-McCormick and Jacob Long moved west to clear their heads and take control of their musical destiny.
By: MICHAEL PATRICK BRADY  |  February 09, 2009


Review: Dälek's Gutter Tactics

Ipecac (2009)
Bad-ass buzzkills 
By: MICHAEL PATRICK BRADY  |  January 27, 2009


Review: Lars Horntveth's Kaleidoscopic

Smalltown Supersound (2009)
Lars Horntveth creates worlds of his own with this 36-minute voyage, which never feels reliant on anything but itself (unlike most "cinematic music").
By: MICHAEL PATRICK BRADY  |  January 20, 2009


Review: A. C. Newman, Get Guilty

As leader of the New Pornographers, Carl Newman has lorded it over an indie-pop dynamo through four well-received albums.
By: MICHAEL PATRICK BRADY  |  January 12, 2009


Review: Animal Collective, Merriweather Post Pavilion

Domino (2009)
Animal Collective began as a band of fringe weirdos, but over time they've dropped the freak from their folk.
By: MICHAEL PATRICK BRADY  |  January 06, 2009


Benoît Pioulard | Temper

Kranky (2008)
Benoît Pioulard is the Gallic pseudonym of Oregon singer-songwriter Thomas Meluch, for whom inscrutability is an instrument and affectation an art.  
By: MICHAEL PATRICK BRADY  |  October 08, 2008


TV on the Radio | Dear Science,

TVOTR have maintained their special vision while drawing in new ideas and expanding their sound.
By: MICHAEL PATRICK BRADY  |  September 16, 2008


Tanya Tagaq

Auk/Blood | Ipecac
Though rough and inarticulate, the visceral, glottal sounds that Tagaq generates impart meaning and emotion.
By: MICHAEL PATRICK BRADY  |  September 10, 2008


David Byrne and Brian Eno

Everything That Happens Will Happen Today | Self-Released
Everything That Happens is a brilliant addition to a creative partnership that has yielded so much and shouldn’t have taken 27 years to rekindle.
By: MICHAEL PATRICK BRADY  |  August 26, 2008


Jeff Hanson

Madam Owl | Kill Rock Stars
Hanson has augmented the sparse, acoustic folk of his previous albums with a backdrop of strings and horns, thus giving these songs greater depth and body.
By: MICHAEL PATRICK BRADY  |  August 19, 2008


Zach Hill

Astrological Straits | Ipecac
On his first solo release, he indulges in an unrestrained torrent of challenging yet tuneful rock.
By: MICHAEL PATRICK BRADY  |  August 12, 2008



Preteen Weaponry | Jagjaguwar
Oneida’s Preteen Weaponry is a fair introduction to the band’s stripped-down, elemental nature.
By: MICHAEL PATRICK BRADY  |  July 29, 2008


Nico Muhly

Mothertongue  | Brassland
Nico Muhly is too young to realize that classical music is meant to be a gated community.
By: MICHAEL PATRICK BRADY  |  July 22, 2008


Robert Pollard(1)

Robert Pollard Is Off to Business | Guided by Voices Inc.
Pollard achieves the balance of indie and arena rock he’s been chasing for years, but he demonstrates something new in his approach
By: MICHAEL PATRICK BRADY  |  June 09, 2008
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