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Interview: Ray Manzarek of the Doors

The return of the Lizard King, sort of
It’s been nearly 40 years since the death of Jim Morrison, but the surviving members of the Doors, keyboardist Ray Manzarek, guitarist Robby Krieger and percussionist John Densmore have kept soldiering on, playing in various reformations of the ground-breaking band.  The meteoric rise of the band is chronicled in the new documentary, When You’re Strange.
By: TOM MEEK  |  April 05, 2010


Review: The Last Song

Emotional kidney punches involving arson, divorce, and sea turtle eggs
Bestselling novelist Nicholas Sparks ( The Notebook , Dear John ) and effervescent ’tween queen Miley Cyrus hook up for one of Sparks’s patented tearjerkers.
By: TOM MEEK  |  March 31, 2010


Review: Hot Tub Time Machine

Plays out like a mullet in the new millennium
Steve Pink has a big chubby for the ’80s.
By: TOM MEEK  |  April 01, 2010


Review: Repo Men

Organ grinder
Miguel Sapochnik's adaptation of Eric Garcia's novel The Repossession Mambo offers a twisted take on the subprime mess.
By: TOM MEEK  |  March 17, 2010


Review: The Crazies

Glorious gore, without too much overkill
George Romero has always had a knack for raising the deceased and having them dine on family and friends.
By: TOM MEEK  |  March 02, 2010


Hanging with The Hurt Locker

Oscars East
Whatever happens at that other film awards gala in Hollywood next month, The Hurt Locker solidified its hold on indie-minded critics this past weekend when it dominated the Boston Society of Film Critics (BSFC) third annual awards dinner. That film's star, Jeremy Renner, was on hand at the Brattle Theatre on Saturday night to accept his Best Actor award, which the BSFC announced back in December.
By: TOM MEEK  |  February 10, 2010


Review: Extraordinary Measures

The business of who lives and who dies
Most parents would go to great lengths to save a child in peril, but would they find a cure for a terminal disease?
By: TOM MEEK  |  January 27, 2010


Cambridge finds it ain't easy being green

Greater Boston's Gas-House Gang
The hype leading up to the United Nations Climate Change Congress in Copenhagen last month reached near tsunami proportions, but in the end, the gathering went out like a neap tide.
By: TOM MEEK  |  January 13, 2010


Let's Get Raw

Do It Clean Dept.
Couldn't score a seat at the Climate Change Conference underway in Copenhagen, but still want to reduce your carbon footprint? Perhaps you need to eat it raw.
By: TOM MEEK  |  December 16, 2009


Review: Armored

Flat-footed Tarantino-esque hodgepodge misfires
In view of its credentials, Armored should be a lay-up.
By: TOM MEEK  |  December 09, 2009


Documentary Man

An interview with Frederick Wiseman
If you think the polemic salvos Michael Moore churns out define the modern documentary, you've either succumbed to Moore's manipulative shenanigans or are unfamiliar with the works of Frederick Wiseman. No disrespect to the Roger & Me director, he is what he is — a man with a camera and a handful of pixie dust.
By: TOM MEEK  |  December 09, 2009


Review: Ninja Assassin

A real bloodbath
So much blood splashes across the screen in James McTeigue’s martial-arts madness, you’d think the human body consisted of nothing but.
By: TOM MEEK  |  November 25, 2009


Cannonball quiets Harvard quad

Time bomb
It’s been awhile since we had to worry about the multi-colored national danger spectrum, but last week, the northwestern quadrant of Harvard Square was put on high alert.
By: TOM MEEK  |  November 04, 2009


Review: Warren Miller's Dynasty

Nothing but fluff for the franchise
How many death-defying stunts can one behold before they become repetitious? Quite a few, it would seem.
By: TOM MEEK  |  November 04, 2009


Review: Saw VI

Surprisingly timely
Jigsaw (Tobin Bell), the self-righteous serial killer of the long-toothed franchise, may have succumbed to cancer a few films back, but he remains very much alive in plot and presence.
By: TOM MEEK  |  October 30, 2009


Review: Motherhood

Fails to carry to term
Being a mother can be stressful.
By: TOM MEEK  |  October 22, 2009


Review: More Than a Game

More than a LeBron James showcase, too
Most know about the rise of LeBron James from impoverished Ohio roots (fatherless and raised in public housing) to mega-millionaire and NBA phenom, so why make a documentary?
By: TOM MEEK  |  October 14, 2009


Interview: Colin Beavan

It's not easy going green
"In my twenties, I was really concerned with global warming. In my thirties, I was really focused on being a writer."
By: TOM MEEK  |  October 02, 2009


Review: No Impact Man

Green documentary does make its point
As an eco-idealist living in New York City, Colin Beavan made a media splash when he declared that he and his family would live 100 percent green for a year.
By: TOM MEEK  |  September 30, 2009


Review: I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

Tucker Max serves up arrogance, misogyny, poo jokes
The mantra "What would Tucker do?" gets bandied about in this boys-gone-wild silliness from Bob Gosse.
By: TOM MEEK  |  September 23, 2009


Assholes rule

Max is the Minimum
It seems that, these days, being a self-righteous boor is the new "in" thing.
By: TOM MEEK  |  September 16, 2009

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