A muddled mystery

By  |  April 16, 2013

The acting talent varies, but fortunately most of the critical roles are done quite well by Cioffi, Krawiecki, Dion, and Pavao. The choreography by Dante A. Sciarra nicely finesses the limits of a nonprofessional ensemble, using shuffles, struts, slides, and other simple movements to give us a satisfying sense of activity. Costume designer Amanda Downing Carney had fun providing plenty of neon colors for the Western floozies.

The plot of a murder mystery can be unavoidably complex, so whodunit and how need to be as clear as a finger snap. Not so here. If the method of the opening killing were any more convoluted and implausible, we'd begin suspecting ourselves. A mercy killing of the play itself would have been easier to accept.

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  Topics: Theater , Rupert Holmes, Providence College Theatre
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