2009: The year in art

Saints, sinners, paint
By GREG COOK  |  December 30, 2009


After the excitement of 2007's Mooninites invasion and the arrest at gunpoint at Logan Airport of an MIT student wearing harmless LED lights, local law enforcement had a lackluster showing in 2008. But they made up for it this year with the arrest of Shepard "Obama Hope" Fairey as he was on his way to DJ a February party at the Institute of Contemporary Art. The arrest was good for everybody: it promoted the ICA's hot survey of Fairey's work and reasserted the LA street artist's hip outlaw edge in the wake of his helping elect a president. Organized by former ICA curator Emily Moore Brouillet and guest curator Pedro Alonzo, "Supply and Demand" actually rocked, as Fairey brought his rusty street chic into the gallery. But just when it seemed he could do no uncool, he confessed that he'd lied, faked evidence, and destroyed evidence to cover up precisely which Associated Press photo he'd, uh, borrowed for his famous Obama poster — and that made him seem like a petty little twerp. (Kudos also to the ICA for its presentation of MIT professor Krzysztof Wodiczko's gut-wrenching, heartbreaking, Iraq-in-your-living-room installation . . .Out of Here.)

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  • Séance
    Rachel Berwick's art is concerned with conjuring ghosts — in particular the spirits of creatures or peoples near extinction or already died out.
  • The future is now
    Even with all the promise of the new year ahead, it's hard not to feel a little stiffed in the Future of Mankind department. Here it is, 2010, and there's nary a flying car to be seen.
  • Beyond Dilla and Dipset
    With a semi-sober face I'll claim that hip-hop in 2010 might deliver more than just posthumous Dilla discs, Dipset mixtapes, and a new ignoramus coke rapper whom critics pretend rhymes in triple-entendres.
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