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Waters of Narcissus?

Maureen Fleming at the ICA
Fleming created a one-woman Art Deco extravaganza — with herself looking like nothing so much as a Rolls Royce hood ornament.
By: DEBRA CASH  |  November 06, 2007


Social settings

Seán Curran at the Tsai Center
Seán Curran’s dance looks like a formal exposition of movement, but after a while you begin to imagine webs of social interactions, relationships, and hidden histories.
By: MARCIA B. SIEGEL  |  October 30, 2007


Chris and friends

Wheeldon’s Morphoses at City Center
The hype was huge, but Wheeldon seems to have a modest agenda.
By: MARCIA B. SIEGEL  |  October 29, 2007


Dark victory

Boston Ballet in Serenade and La Sylphide
It’s a good pairing: together, Serenade and La Sylphide write an essay on doomed love
By: JEFFREY GANTZ  |  October 31, 2007


Twinkle, twinkle

Boston Ballet’s ‘Night of Stars’
For some 15 years now, Boston Ballet has danced like a major international ballet company, and Mikko Nissinen wants to be sure everybody’s aware of that.
By: JEFFREY GANTZ  |  January 31, 2008


Teasers and tidbits

Bunraku at the Majestic; Marcus Schulkind at Green Street
The puppeteer’s face and body reflect what the puppet is going through, as if the puppet were giving life to him instead of the other way around.
By: MARCIA B. SIEGEL  |  October 09, 2007


Busy busy

Something for everyone
“If you pulled the cord and the chute didn’t open, how would you dance on the way down?”
By: DEBRA CASH  |  September 12, 2007


Rich menu

And Hubbard Street Dance deliver
Hubbard Street Dance Chicago proved a worthy finale for Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival’s 75th-anniversary season.
By: JANINE PARKER  |  August 29, 2007


Illusion and bedrock

Invisible Wings, plus Henri Oguike and Bridgman/Packer at Jacob’s Pillow
Oguike, I think, makes movement like a mime artist.
By: MARCIA B. SIEGEL  |  August 27, 2007


Pillow talking

Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève and the Mark Morris Dance Group
Last summer, Los Angeles Times dance critic Lewis Segal suggested that ballet is dying an ugly, boring death.
By: JANINE PARKER  |  August 15, 2007


The reign in Spain

Boston Ballet on tour
If only the company could return to the local appreciation its international achievement deserves.
By: CHRISTINE TEMIN  |  August 07, 2007


Dances with character

Headlong Dance Theater, Chunky Move, Paul Taylor
Dancers are working with character more frequently, after decades of choreography drenched in physical accomplishment.
By: MARCIA B. SIEGEL  |  August 01, 2007


Stand-up choreography

David Parker + the Bang Group
David Parker was born too late for vaudeville.
By: DEBRA CASH  |  July 24, 2007


Neo-hoodoo and street kabuki

Fist and Heel at Concord’s Summer Stages and Kabuki in New York
Tradition: how to preserve it in a globalized modern culture.
By: MARCIA B. SIEGEL  |  July 24, 2007



Misnomer at Concord Academy
Like its name, Misnomer Dance Theater seems devoted to contrariness.
By: MARCIA B. SIEGEL  |  July 17, 2007


Postmodern cabaret

Susan Marshall and Doug Varone at Bard
The Spiegeltent at Bard College fits into two big trucks and can be raised in a couple of days by a crew of workers.
By: MARCIA B. SIEGEL  |  July 10, 2007


Life is but a dream

Aurélia Thierrée and Coleman Lemieux at Jacob’s Pillow
Children from theatrical families are often said to have been born in a trunk.
By: DEBRA CASH  |  July 03, 2007


Not quite Nina

Ananiashvili and the State Ballet of Georgia look to find their footing
On hearing the opening notes of the Kronos Quartet composition and seeing the dancers lit in sunny yellow, I feared we were about to be subjected to one of those “up with people” ballets.
By: JANINE PARKER  |  May 07, 2009


Two tales retold

NYCB’s The Nightingale and the Rose, ABT’s Sleeping Beauty
The big ballet companies are shackled tighter than ever to the idea of the story ballet.
By: MARCIA B. SIEGEL  |  June 12, 2007


Adventurous demos

Lorraine Chapman’s The Floating World , Snappy’s String Beings
With a variety of scrims, opaque panels, and lighting tricks, the seven dancers became the source for a dreamy succession of images by new-media artist Jonathan Bachrach.
By: MARCIA B. SIEGEL  |  June 05, 2007
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