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Advocates renew challenge to punitive probation practices

At the conclusion of its 2008 session, the General Assembly passed a bill that would have reformed state criminal justice procedure for probationers charged with new crimes.
By: ARIEL WERNER  |  December 03, 2008


Activist leads criminal-justice reform festival

Justice or just us?
When Bruce Reilly was released from the Adult Correctional Institutions (ACI) in 2005 he had serious plans for how he intended to make up for lost time.
By: ARIEL WERNER  |  May 08, 2008


Pie-tossers renew free speech debate at Brown

Uncivil liberties
“A lot of people are talking about whether this was outrageous, or justified, or laudable, or totalitarian.”
By: ARIEL WERNER  |  April 30, 2008


Study finds the ACI remains a debtors’ prison

Credit check
Every day, an average of 18 people are incarcerated at the Adult Correctional Institutions (ACI) due to their inability to pay court fines.
By: ARIEL WERNER  |  April 23, 2008
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