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Sex and (comic) sensibilities

Dirty pictures
Josie and the Pussycats were sexy for cartoons, but they were a fairly chaste trio — too shy to appear in full-frontal shower scenes.
By: CAITLIN E. CURRAN  |  January 30, 2008



Lisa Loeb at Newbury Comics
I have a secret crush on Lisa Loeb. When I was 13, I sang every word to “Do You Sleep?” in solidarity with Loeb, alone in my bedroom.
By: CAITLIN E. CURRAN  |  January 28, 2008


Unguarded glamour

The Queens' Queen
In the formative days of her photography career, Kelly Davidson snapped portraits of dolls, and she took it seriously.
By: CAITLIN E. CURRAN  |  January 09, 2008


Vowel free

Rcrd Lbl's free and legal downloads
Rcrd Lbl pays both artists and labels like Warp and Modular in exchange for permission to post songs.
By: CAITLIN E. CURRAN  |  December 17, 2007


Just for him or her

Personalized gifts they have to keep
This goes well beyond engraved pen sets and monogrammed napkins.
By: CAITLIN E. CURRAN  |  December 10, 2007


Twelve by 12

A dozen local filmmakers weave a musical, a serial-killer parody, and 10 other short movies into a cinematic patchwork quilt
It’s before noon on a Saturday and I’m at the Glass Slipper.
By: CAITLIN E. CURRAN  |  December 07, 2007


Give a goat for $150

Earth-friendly charities
The holiday season is traditionally a time of wonder and wastefulness.
By: CAITLIN E. CURRAN  |  December 05, 2007


Staying true

Ted Leo holds out
With his roots in the popular ’90s band Chisel and his passion for punk-influenced, politically minded music, Ted Leo is a man with all types of fans.
By: CAITLIN E. CURRAN  |  November 27, 2007


If looks could thrill

Graphic design meets boards and twin tips
The world of snow sports merges with the world of art in completely unique way.
By: CAITLIN E. CURRAN  |  November 14, 2007


Do tell

Secret agent man  
The Internet has been an agglomerate of secrets since the first chat room was invented.
By: CAITLIN E. CURRAN  |  October 24, 2007


Crank that, techie

Cool jerks
In the summer of 2006, DeAndre Way, then 16, combated summer boredom in Batesville, Mississippi, by writing songs with Fruity Loops digital-audio software.
By: CAITLIN E. CURRAN  |  October 12, 2007


Shriiimp on the Barbie

Allston-based graffiti artists are giving new meaning to objets d’art
Shrimp, the edible crustaceans commonly dipped in tart, tangy cocktail sauce, don’t usually carry overtly sexual connotations.
By: CAITLIN E. CURRAN  |  October 03, 2007


Silver spokes of justice

Cyclist foils heist
This past Wednesday, Lee Peters spotted a man and a woman attempting to steal his bike near the Christian Science Plaza.
By: CAITLIN E. CURRAN  |  September 26, 2007


''Things'' we love

Writers extol sacred objects of everyday use — and uselessness
Until I was 14, I spent nearly every Saturday evening wading through a wealth of antique objects in my grandmother’s small apartment in the Baltimore suburbs.
By: CAITLIN E. CURRAN  |  September 24, 2007


The list is life

His name's not Earl
There’s a line in John Lennon’s “Beautiful Boy,” favored by free spirits and Type-B thinkers: “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”
By: CAITLIN E. CURRAN  |  September 12, 2007


Lost World

MTV’s The Real World: Sydney
Moments into the first episode of MTV’s The Real World: Sydney, Dunbar Flinn proudly confesses, “I summed everyone up quickly — who’s worth looking at, and who’s not.”
By: CAITLIN E. CURRAN  |  August 15, 2007


Dishes must be done before bedtime

Celebrating the passive voice
In May, 25-year-old Brooklyn-based writer Kerry Miller was swapping Craigslist-roommate horror stories on a date.
By: CAITLIN E. CURRAN  |  August 01, 2007


Hot and not
Here are some current top MySpace artists to check out, and some to avoid.
By: CAITLIN E. CURRAN  |  October 27, 2008


Prison sentences

Words to live by
On a recent Sunday, in the visiting room of the Bay State Correctional Center in Norfolk, a child darted between rows of green vinyl chairs in a flurry of giggles.
By: CAITLIN E. CURRAN  |  July 18, 2007


More than just 'Abel'

The National, Middle East Downstairs, June 21-22, 2007
Berninger, eyes still closed, let the music overtake him as he led the audience in frenzied shouts of “I won’t fuck us over."
By: CAITLIN E. CURRAN  |  June 25, 2007
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