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Great art from the other Nick Cave

The Soundsuits by Chicagoan Nick Cave (not the rock star) are the dazzling mutant offspring of disco, Bigfoot, Teletubbies, African and Caribbean carnival costumes, troll dolls, flea markets, Wookiees, and cheerleader pompons.
By: GREG COOK  |  March 13, 2013


The ‘2013 RISD Faculty Biennial’

A wondrous window
Giant moths hover over the beacon atop the art deco Superman Building (okay, the Bank of America Building) in Chris Buzelli's dreamy painting for a poster advertising the national ICON Illustration Conference that was held in Providence last June.
By: GREG COOK  |  March 06, 2013


The ‘2013 RISCA Fellowship Exhibition’

A curious blend
"2013 RISCA Fellowship Exhibition," the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts' annual roundup of winners of the agency's $5000 and $1000 grants, is a curious experience.
By: GREG COOK  |  February 26, 2013


Scavenged sculpture and Dead Sea scrolls: 10 heady spring exhibits blooming in New England galleries

In Barry McGee's art, you'll find traces of influences lifted from thrift stores, tramp art, skating, punk, surfing, and Bay Area murals and psychedelia.
By: GREG COOK  |  February 28, 2013


‘Story/Line: Narrative Form in Six Graphic Novelists’ at RIC

Serious comics
"You could do a comic about it," a friend tells Gabrielle Bell in one of her comics.
By: GREG COOK  |  February 20, 2013


Amalia Pica’s emo sculpture

"There are so many interesting things in the world, and you think, 'How am I ever going to compete with that?' " Amalia Pica said at an opening-night talk for her exhibition at MIT's List Visual Art Center.
By: GREG COOK  |  February 20, 2013


‘Love Nest’ at Craftland; Ian Cozzens at AS220

Objects of desire
The ink drawings and watercolors of Jen Corace, a Providence artist and illustrator as well as one of the folks behind Craftland, often depict worlds of fairy tale adventure.
By: GREG COOK  |  February 12, 2013


Elegant scrapbook: ''Among From With Andrew Witkin''

Boston artist Andrew Witkin won the Institute of Contemporary Art's 2008 Foster Prize for local artists with a cryptic, minimalist apartment-like installation.
By: GREG COOK  |  February 13, 2013


Painting beyond the stretcher at the deCordova

"Paint Things: Beyond the Stretcher" at the deCordova is a smart, sinewy examination of 18 artists who make "painting-as-sculpture and vice versa."
By: GREG COOK  |  February 13, 2013


Simen Johan at Brown and Maralie at Yellow Peril

Animal instincts
Weird stuff is happening in Simen Johan's photos in the exhibit "Until the Kingdom Comes" at Brown University's Bell Gallery (64 College St, Providence, through Feb. 17).
By: GREG COOK  |  February 06, 2013

Japan Relief_list copy

Paper tigers: ''Graphic Advocacy'' at MassArt

There's a curious lack of urgency in "Graphic Advocacy: International Posters of the Digital Age 2001-2012" at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.
By: GREG COOK  |  February 04, 2013


Talking about a revolution: ''Histories of Now'' at the School of the MFA

Last January, less than a year after crowds in Cairo's Tahrir Square overthrew Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts presented "Histories of Now: Six Artists from Cairo."
By: GREG COOK  |  February 04, 2013


''X-Tra Zeus!'' showcases Providence’s comics superheroes

Astonishing visions
Providence is so flush with creative talent that it's easy to take it for granted and assume that most towns have it this good.
By: GREG COOK  |  February 05, 2013


Family Ties: Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons's art

Family has long been one of the central subjects of Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons's art.
By: GREG COOK  |  January 30, 2013


Movin' on up: Greer Muldowney's photography

It's night in Greer Muldowney's photo.
By: GREG COOK  |  January 30, 2013


Sinclair Hitchings's 'Art in Boston'

How much difference can one person make? Sinclair Hitchings hopes it's a substantial one when it comes to his "Art in Boston" project, which he began in 2006.
By: GREG COOK  |  January 23, 2013


Frank Gohlke's New Topographics

"When that show was created, as odd as it seems now, it was extremely controversial," Frank Gohlke says of being featured in the landmark 1975 exhibit of deadpan photography, "New Topographics: Photographs of the Man-Altered Landscape" at New York's George Eastman House.
By: GREG COOK  |  January 15, 2013


Lady parts: ''The Origin of the World...'' at Samson

"The Origin of the World /\ The Force of the Source \/ The Cause of the Vigor" is a three parts brilliant, two parts non sequitur (or maybe it's the other way around) group show at Samson gallery.
By: GREG COOK  |  January 15, 2013


Alejandro Diaz’s funny money problems at RISD

‘Business’ as unusual
Outside the entrance to the RISD Museum, a sign — the sort of blinking arrow sign typical of used car dealerships — promises a "Naked artist inside."
By: GREG COOK  |  January 08, 2013


Black female power: Mickalene Thomas's paintings

Mickalene Thomas's paintings teleport us to a black-is-beautiful American 1960s and '70s.
By: GREG COOK  |  January 11, 2013


These 10 exhibits will open your eyes

Strange and wondrous
In March, the RISD Museum dusts off its two millennia-old mummy of a priest named Nesmin as part of "Made for Eternity" (March 15 to November 17), a small showcase of the institution's Egyptian treasures.
By: GREG COOK  |  December 26, 2012

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