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Go frock yourself!

An Irish-Jewish atheist who disdains religion becomes an ordained minister online to officiate his friends’ wedding
It was nine months before their wedding that my friends Vissy and Harry sat me down for a “We need to talk” moment. What they wanted was a favor: would I be willing to get ordained as a minister and officiate their wedding?
By: JASON O’BRYAN  |  March 24, 2010


On the 10th drink of Christmas

Navigating the holidays with seasonal stagger
Seen through the right lens, Christmas looks like a season of devilish malevolence — a time of gloomy cold, bad movies, gift anxiety and consumer hoards, inane music repeated indefinitely, and family, hour after hour, day after chatty day.
By: JASON O’BRYAN  |  November 20, 2009
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