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History rocks

Zinn's people's history comes to life, and song
“Not radical,” he replied. “I’d say ‘the truth.’ ”
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  January 15, 2008

Boston music news: January 18, 2008

Notes on Dispatch
Notes on Dispatch
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  January 14, 2008


Boston music news: January 11, 2008

Notes on Beat Circus and Johnny A.
BEAT CIRCUS release their new Dreamland on January 29.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  January 07, 2008


A Jersey junket

Joe Harvard's rock-and-roll birthday
Joe Harvard, East Boston native, made his bones in these parts, primarily as a producer and founding co-owner of Fort Apache studio.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  January 08, 2008


Boston music news: January 4, 2008

Notes on Lee Genesis and Antje Duvekot
“I am a new artist,” says 65-year-old soul/R&B/gospel singer LEE GENESIS .
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  January 02, 2008


Who are they?

Gary Cherone tackles the Who with Slipkid
As Beatle Juice was to the Beatles, so Slipkid are to the Who.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  December 31, 2007


Boston music news: December 28, 2007

Notes on the Upper Crust, Bang Camaro, and more
There are scads of acts playing New Year’s Eve — too many to list here.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  December 26, 2007


Boston music news: December 21, 2007

Notes on a series of benefits for T.T. the Bear’s Place's Jeanne Sheehy
Out in the Boston rock world, it’s benefit time.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  December 17, 2007


Boston music news, December 14, 2007

Notes on a benefit for the son of Jawbox's J. Robbins and the return of the Rudds
Before he was the cellist for the now defunct Betwixt, Gordon Withers was a fan of the DC post-hardcore band Jawbox, a ’90s outfit who’ve been in the headlines of late.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  December 11, 2007


Boston, beer, and Bobby Brown

The 20th-Anniversary BMAs
Last weekend at the Orpheum, Bobby Brown was not indicted but inducted.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  December 09, 2007


Tap into Berklee

Christopher Guest at Berklee Performance Center, November 30, 2007
“This,” said Christopher Guest from the Berklee Performance Center stage, “is really difficult to believe. Until an hour ago, I thought it was a practical joke.”
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  December 04, 2007


Boston music news, December 7, 2007

Notes on the Christmas Cavalcade and Harry and the Potters
Chandler Travis calls himself “an aggressive agnostic,” but that hasn’t kept him from assembling a Christmas Cavalcade for Cambridge’s Bread & Roses charity.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  December 03, 2007


Boston music news: November 30, 2007

Notes on Casey Desmond and the Milky Way Lounge & Lanes
The Milky Way Lounge & Lanes lives.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  November 27, 2007


Home for the holiday

Mission of Burma's Roger Miller does his part for Tibet
The Middle East corner is not exactly where you’d expect to find Mission of Burma guitarist Roger Miller performing on the Friday after Thanksgiving.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  December 09, 2007


Girl Group Redux

The Pipettes, Great Scott, November 15, 2007
I don’t imagine that the Pipettes are doing any more to curtail carbon monoxide emissions or save the rain forest than the Spice Girls.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  December 09, 2007


Boston music news, November 23, 2007

Notes on Berklee's Spinal Tap event with Christopher Guest
Sting has an honorary doctorate from Berklee College of Music. David Bowie has one.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  November 19, 2007


Boston music news: November 16, 2007

Notes on Ironlung's latest project
If you’ve been a fan of New England metal and hard rock over the past decade, then the name Ironlung should be familiar.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  November 13, 2007


Sticky and sweet

Juliette and the Licks, Middle East Downstairs, November 6, 2007
All for the love of rock-and-roll, uh, mediocrity?
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  November 13, 2007


Boston music news, November 9, 2007

Notes on the 20th anniversary of the Middle East
"If you don’t have the flowers, the bees won’t come for the nectar.”
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  November 05, 2007


Lulling, dulling, and calm

Sinéad O’Connor, Orpheum Theatre, October 22, 2007
Sinéad O’Connor still has a terrific voice, but the diminutive Irish singer did not seem wholly interested in being at the Orpheum Theatre a week ago Monday.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  October 30, 2007


Boston music news: November 2, 2007

Notes on Mieka Pauley, Ron Pownall, and Deborah Henson-Conant
Somerville-based singer-songwriter Mieka Pauley may have a degree in biological anthropology from Harvard, but right now music is her primary focus.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  October 30, 2007

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