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Boston music news: August 29, 2008

Notes on Therefore I Am and Self-Righteous Brothers.
Attn, emo nation: prepare to claw at your tear-streaked cheeks with joyous envy.
By: MICHAEL BRODEUR  |  August 26, 2008


I think I’m gonna throw down

The Motion Sick make us feel all woozy
Wanna get in on the music-licensing boom? Be smart like the Motion Sick.
By: MICHAEL BRODEUR  |  August 20, 2008


Gnarls Barkley + Hercules and Love Affair

Wilbur Theatre, August 6, 2008
To the cynic, the scene milling around in front of the sold-out Wilbur could merely have been proof of the power of a hit single.
By: MICHAEL BRODEUR  |  August 12, 2008


Alien lanes

Free candlepin Mondays at the Milky Way
By 9 pm last Monday, the Milky Way’s seven lanes were thoroughly stuffed.
By: MICHAEL BRODEUR  |  August 12, 2008



Band in Boston escapes to the web
If you’re flummoxed by the dizzying breadth of our rock scene, a good place to start deflummoxing might be the trifecta of Band in Boston podcasts.
By: MICHAEL BRODEUR  |  August 19, 2008


Poni Hoax

Images of Sigrid | Tigersushi
Poni Hoax are, it’s clear, out to crash the increasingly humdrum post-disco party (just with better supplies), so it’s only fair that you crash theirs.
By: MICHAEL BRODEUR  |  August 12, 2008


Boston music news: August 15, 2008

Notes on Grimis and 30 years of Boston punk
Broken River Prophets, Grimis, Basement Band, and more.
By: MICHAEL BRODEUR  |  August 12, 2008


Luminous sadness

Alina Simone sings Yanka Dyagileva
“Part of my goal is to just fucking force Americans to listen to Russian rock.”
By: MICHAEL BRODEUR  |  August 05, 2008


Bumpin' crop

A summer harvest of New England Product
This Friday, August 8, our FNX homies have gathered five of Boston’s best rock bands for a spectacular blowout at the Middle East Downstairs.
By: MICHAEL BRODEUR  |  August 05, 2008


Boston music news: August 8, 2008

Notes on Disappearer, Vagiant, the American Idols Live Tour, Steven Brodsky, and more
Three ways to feel good about going out at night — or three ways to feel like utter shit in the morning. Whichever.
By: MICHAEL BRODEUR  |  August 05, 2008


Anti-Bush league

The No More Bush Tour rolls in
It’s crucial that we maintain clarity by holding fast to simple truths — like how our president is kind of a dick.
By: MICHAEL BRODEUR  |  July 29, 2008


Late bloomer

George Michael at TD Banknorth Garden, July 27, 2008
Word came: “George Michael is in the building!” — and the place roared and squeed.
By: MICHAEL BRODEUR  |  July 29, 2008


Boston music news: August 1, 2008

Notes on the Living Sea, Hangman's Alphabet, and the Luxury
Two promising local indie-rock up-and-comers have up and come out with new CDs for your enjoyment.
By: MICHAEL BRODEUR  |  July 29, 2008


Out of Africa

Extra Golden swipe their visas
Writing about Extra Golden, you’re tempted to focus on the novelty: two indie-rock dudes taking off to Nairobi to jam with a pair of benga masters sounds like the premise for some awful Jack Black movie. (Please don’t please don’t.)
By: MICHAEL BRODEUR  |  July 22, 2008


Boston music news: July 25, 2008

Notes on the Rock for Health benefit at Lily Pad
If you’re one of the many local rockers terrified of pulling some hype splits on stage for lack of proper health care, first of all: you pussy!
By: MICHAEL BRODEUR  |  July 22, 2008


Times a' changed

The 2008 Newport Folk Fest mixes it up
Ever since Dylan plugged in (gasp!), the Newport Folk Festival has preserved a noble tradition of ignoring what folk is supposed to be in favor of defining the stuff for itself.
By: MICHAEL BRODEUR  |  July 22, 2008


Vital signs

ArtBeat 2008 hits Davis Square
Since 2002, the ArtBeat Festival has been giving culture-hungry Davis Square denizens something to do on the weekend besides glower at one another at the Diesel.
By: MICHAEL BRODEUR  |  July 15, 2008


Boston music news: July 18, 2008

Notes on Passion Pit and the Serious Geniuses
Hooray, Passion Pit!
By: MICHAEL BRODEUR  |  July 15, 2008


Let it all hang out

Underbear at the Alley
It’s hard to feel too threatened by an IT administrator in SpongeBob boxers sipping a Long Island iced tea through a stir straw.
By: MICHAEL BRODEUR  |  July 08, 2008


Four play

A little beast at the Middle East                    
There’s a ton of imagination and energy at work in town redefining (for the umpteenth time) what Boston sounds like.
By: MICHAEL BRODEUR  |  July 08, 2008


Hercules and Love Affair

Hercules and Love Affair | Mute/DFA
If anything, the rotating cast of vocalists and the Saturday-night spirit of the instrumentation are together more welcoming than anything the DFA has dropped in years.
By: MICHAEL BRODEUR  |  July 08, 2008

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