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Twelve hours of Foo!

An annotated guide to AS220's freakadelic fest
“Frankly, AS220 wants to be all things to all human beings on the planet,” AS220 co-founder and artistic director Bert Crenca told us recently.
By: PHILIP EIL  |  August 08, 2013


On tour with Westboro: bubbles, condoms, and a gay pope from Pawtucket

Say what you want about the Westboro Baptist Church — that they’re a flaring rash on the ass of humanity that itches too much to be completely ignored, for example — but you’ve got to give them credit: those people know how to travel.
By: PHILIP EIL  |  August 10, 2013


An atheist's Sunday sermon

Church and state
A Q&A with Steve Ahlquist: president of the Humanists of Rhode Island, and a tireless advocate for reason-driven government and other progressive causes.
By: PHILIP EIL  |  August 07, 2013


Hitting the high notes

Five musicians on what the Newport Jazz Fest means to them
There’s a tinge of sadness to conversations about this year’s Newport Jazz Festival. After all, it’s the first one since the loss of Dave Brubeck.
By: PHILIP EIL  |  July 31, 2013


Rebirth in West Warwick

Manchester 65 is the first music venue to open in West Warwick since the Station fire.
By: PHILIP EIL  |  August 01, 2013

From Washington, three views on a House vote

State of surveillance
On the evening of Wednesday, July 24, in Washington, DC, just as this newspaper was going to press, the US House of Representatives voted on whether to continue the indiscriminate collection of Americans’ phone data.
By: PHILIP EIL  |  July 31, 2013


'You gotta make them laugh'

Bill Maher on stand-up comedy, pot, and the state of the union
Bill Maher is so ubiquitous that the distinctions between author, host, commentator, filmmaker, and talk show guest have all seemed to blur. Just what is he, exactly?
By: PHILIP EIL  |  July 24, 2013


The 'Journal' feeds the meter, but does it buy them more time?

As The ProJo Turns
The last few months have brought an extraordinary amount of change to Rhode Island’s paper of record.
By: PHILIP EIL  |  July 25, 2013


A senator walks into a bar in Matunuck...but it's no joke

Climate Change
There’s a sea breeze whipping through the Ocean Mist in Matunuck on Friday afternoon, but the place is still sweltering.
By: PHILIP EIL  |  July 24, 2013


'Locally Made'

The RISD Museum unleashes DJs, drag queens, and hundreds of other artists in a landmark show
The RISD Museum unleashes DJs, drag queens, and hundreds of other artists in a landmark show
By: PHILIP EIL  |  July 17, 2013


30 days, 50 islands

Riding shotgun — and eating seaweed — with Operation Landfall
Before the month ends, Dave Gracer and Trip Wolfskehl plan to hit all of Rhode Island’s 50 islands.
By: PHILIP EIL  |  July 11, 2013


Project Night Vision fights violence by keeping doors unlocked

Urban studies
There were three shootings in Providence over the night of July 4 and the early morning of the next day. One of them was fatal.
By: PHILIP EIL  |  July 10, 2013


From Newport, an ex-spy's take on Snowden

“There has never been anything quite like this in the annals of American espionage,” John Schindler wrote in 'The National Interest' last month.
By: PHILIP EIL  |  July 02, 2013


Hoping to spark a tradition

Medical marijuana
It’s Sunday afternoon at a crumbling, overgrown parking lot a mile west of the Providence Place Mall. Today’s first-ever RIPAC Medical Marijuana Festival isn’t quite a medical convention and isn’t quite a block party.
By: PHILIP EIL  |  July 02, 2013


Calling all 'Rogers'

There was a conspicuous absence in Providence on Saturday during celebrations of the 350th anniversary of Rhode Island’s charter.
By: PHILIP EIL  |  June 26, 2013


Decoding an overdose epidemic

In Rhode Island, 14 deaths have been attributed to acetyl fentanyl, a newly identified synthetic opiate. Here's what we know
On the afternoon of Friday, June 14 — around when White House Deputy Director of National Drug Control Policy Michael Botticelli entered a closed-door meeting with health and law enforcement officials in Woonsocket, arranged in light of the region’s recent rash of overdoses — the Rhode Island Department of Health issued a press release.
By: PHILIP EIL  |  June 21, 2013


The Roosevelt Society turns to @GOPBlackChick for inspiration

Party politics
“I think Democrats have co-opted our history. . . the narrative about which party really did most for blacks,” Crystal Wright said.
By: PHILIP EIL  |  June 19, 2013


News at what cost?

Local reporters and community members discuss ABC6's viral woman-attacks-news crew story. Plus, a talk with Melisa Lawrence
A 16-year-old girl is shot at a graduation party. Days later, after the shooter (also 16) turns himself in, a young TV news reporter heads to the home of the shooting victim’s mother’s in search of a comment.
By: PHILIP EIL  |  June 13, 2013


Slipping and sliding for Pride on Allens Ave

Club sports
Jacqueline DiMera — “Rhode Island’s Drag Sweetheart” — is wearing a red sequined dress and a healthy coat of eye shadow. And, at the moment, she’s strutting the length of the dance floor at Hush, a dimly lit, techno-thumping strip club across from a scrapyard on Allens Ave. in Providence.
By: PHILIP EIL  |  June 13, 2013


Summer Guide: The lo-down on froyo

 Weighing the existential question of the summer
By the time you finish reading this article, another froyo lounge may have opened in Rhode Island.
By: PHILIP EIL  |  June 05, 2013


A journalism 'giant' sits for an exit interview

As the ' ProJo ' Turns
Robert Whitcomb set a ground rule before our interview about his retirement as longtime ' Providence Journal ' vice president and editorial page editor. He would talk about industry trends, he wrote in an email, but he would "NOT" talk about the paper's internal operations.
By: PHILIP EIL  |  June 05, 2013

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