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The King and I

Steve Connolly's Spirit of the King
Watching a gaggle of aging townies shrieking "Love those buns!" and attempt to freak-dance with a buff leather-clad dude is scary enough at a Chippendales show — but the spectacle takes on a whole new level of disturbing when they're trying to molest a dead pop icon on his birthday.
By: SHAULA CLARK  |  January 12, 2009

Future's so dark, we gotta wear shades

Ceremony's "Snow Ball in Hell"
What's black and white and red all over? "A machine-gunned nun" was always my favorite answer, but this past Monday, the correct response would have been "the dress code for Ceremony's 'Snow Ball in Hell.' "
By: SHAULA CLARK  |  January 06, 2009


Interview: Mia Kirshner

Going global
Best known for her role as The L Word 's bookish drama fiend Jenny Schecter, Mia Kirshner is very clear about one thing: to her, acting is a "day job."
By: SHAULA CLARK  |  December 09, 2008


Gross point blank

The Match Game at the Milky Way
Mary, Mary, quite contrary, couldn't make her garden grow with water. So what did she use?
By: SHAULA CLARK  |  December 09, 2008


Soweto Gospel Choir

Hymns from the 26th parallel
Last Sunday afternoon, the Soweto Gospel Choir made Symphony Hall history — surely this is the first time that august venue has seen anyone perform a percussion arrangement on a dinner table with plates, knives, and forks.
By: SHAULA CLARK  |  December 02, 2008


Dead Alive

La Piñata bring the Day of the Dead to Forest Hills Cemetery
There's something surreal about following a trail of flickering lanterns into serene Forest Hills Cemetery, only to be greeted by a roaring bonfire, a gaudily shrouded ziggurat, and skull-masked children dancing in the twilight.
By: SHAULA CLARK  |  November 07, 2008


Their Cupola Runneth Over

Iron Guild Halloween Iron Pour 2008
Iron Guild Halloween Iron Pour 2008
By: SHAULA CLARK  |  October 30, 2008


They who smelt it, dealt it

Halloween Iron Pour sports all-star cast
Last Friday’s Iron Pour — a festival of fire and metal — felt like a giddy lab experiment cooked up by 12-year-old pyromaniacs who spent a week watching The Wicker Man .  
By: SHAULA CLARK  |  October 30, 2008


No small feet

Night two of the Baltimore Round Robin
As a mob of scruffy Wham City fans and I mill around MassArt’s Pozen Center last Friday, the air is thick with excitement, as well as some pungent BO.  
By: SHAULA CLARK  |  October 08, 2008


“Found Footage Festival 2008”

The third incarnation of the FFF may be the best yet
After years of rummaging through Goodwill bins for videotapes, FFF curators Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher have amassed a formidable pile of bizarre ephemera.
By: SHAULA CLARK  |  November 11, 2008


Fiend footage festival

“Feast Of Flesh VII” at the Coolidge
We’ve got a formidable line-up here: Banana Zombie and Housewife Zombie are joined Bike Courier Zombie, and a mangled-shirt-and-tails zombie Cannibal dubs “Dr. Teeth.”  
By: SHAULA CLARK  |  October 01, 2008


Here comes the Whambulance

Mass Art hosts the Baltimore Round Robin Tour
The Baltimore loft once known as Wham City is long dead, its inhabitants evicted in 2007, but the twisted DIY art movement it housed has flourished nonetheless.  
By: SHAULA CLARK  |  October 01, 2008
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