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Up-tempo, downstairs

Beat Research’s DJ Flack goes underground
In the past year and a half, there’s been a small explosion of club nights in Boston devoted to bass-centric genres first spawned in the clubs of London.
By: SUSANNA BOLLE  |  September 02, 2008


Disc drive

Semata Productions goes on record
Over the past year and a half, Semata Productions’ Coup d’Etat music series has become one of the go-to venues for new and unusual music in Boston.
By: SUSANNA BOLLE  |  August 26, 2008


Audiophiles unite!

The New England Phonographers Union + the BSC
This Tuesday marks the debut of the New England Phonographers Union.
By: SUSANNA BOLLE  |  August 19, 2008


Chance and dance

Tim Feeney + Eats Tapes
For the past three years, one of the prime centers for experimental, improvised, and new music and jazz in Boston has been the Open Sound series in Somerville.
By: SUSANNA BOLLE  |  August 14, 2008


Drone warrior

Greg Davis returns to Boston
Davis first made a name for himself in the local electronic-music scene and beyond for his sweet, melodic mix of guitar and computer processing.
By: SUSANNA BOLLE  |  August 05, 2008

One last waltz

Goodbye Conversions; hello Hair Police
Even under the most amicable of circumstances, breaking up is hard to do.
By: SUSANNA BOLLE  |  July 30, 2008


Accidents happen

Pole revisits a golden error
It all began by accident, when Stefan Betke’s Waldorf 4-Pole filter fell to the floor and began to malfunction, its broken circuitry producing strange, intricate patterns of snaps, crackles, pops, and hisses.
By: SUSANNA BOLLE  |  July 22, 2008


Dubstepper's delight

The Bug and Hatcha come to town
Prepare to have your ribcage rattled, as two pre-eminent members of London’s dubstep underground rumble through town.
By: SUSANNA BOLLE  |  July 21, 2008


Gimme swelter

The searing hot sounds of summer
Local composer, trumpeter, and electronic-musician Forbes Graham has been blazing in recent weeks.
By: SUSANNA BOLLE  |  July 15, 2008


Fringe benefits

The soft, experimental sounds of summer
There’s all kinds of ways to chill out at the beach. Herewith, something different for the dog days.
By: SUSANNA BOLLE  |  July 08, 2008


Folk trails

Peter Walker’s sound circles the world
A former student of Ravi Shankar and Ali Akbar Khan, Walker is a legendary figure best known for his intoxicating fusion of Indian raga and American folk.
By: SUSANNA BOLLE  |  July 07, 2008


Playing the body electric

James Coleman brings his Theremin to the Piano Factory
Chances are, even if you’ve never seen one played, you know what a theremin sounds like.
By: SUSANNA BOLLE  |  July 02, 2008


Dubstep lightly

Bristol and Berlin collide
One of the most acclaimed releases of the year comes from a relative newcomer — Dutch musician Dave Huismans, who goes by the name 2562.
By: SUSANNA BOLLE  |  July 01, 2008


Spray it, don’t say it

The cut of the Human Hairs’ gibberish
Saul Jacobowitz and Angela Sawyer love to spout garble.
By: SUSANNA BOLLE  |  June 24, 2008


Dubstep lively

Joe Nice returns; Pandai’a steps out
Every month for the past year, the folks at Bassic — a night devoted to the woofer-wobbling sounds of dubstep — have been shaking the bassbins proper downtown at the Good Life.
By: SUSANNA BOLLE  |  June 17, 2008


Contorted funk

Mound Magnet Pt. 2: Elevations Above Sea Level | Killer Pimp
The tracks on St. Werner’s fourth album as Lithops are eccentric, loose-limbed constructions, heavy on contorted rhythms, off-kilter beats, and writhing swirls of noise.
By: SUSANNA BOLLE  |  June 17, 2008


Philip Jeck

Sand | Touch
A recurrent theme of decay and loss haunts UK turntablist Philip Jeck’s music.
By: SUSANNA BOLLE  |  June 11, 2008


Without a script

Zeroplan keeps moving
Zeroplan is a performance series that combines improvised experimental music with avant-garde movement and dance.
By: SUSANNA BOLLE  |  June 10, 2008



The Field and friends
Sweden's Axel Willner, better known as The Field, is one of minimal techno’s rising stars.
By: SUSANNA BOLLE  |  June 02, 2008


Two great tastes

Coralcola at Great Scott; Damian at Elements
In March of this year, a series of MP3s by an unknown techno producer named Coralcola began circulating among a few DJs and bloggers around town and beyond.
By: SUSANNA BOLLE  |  June 04, 2008


Bowed well

The Metal & Glass Ensemble rings out
Over the past decade, musicians Matt Samolis and Peter Warren have created intense, mesmerizing drones as Bowed Metal.
By: SUSANNA BOLLE  |  May 28, 2008

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