In a final promise, Vinland’s successful $40,000 Kickstarter campaign will no doubt inspire more food ventures to seek the public’s financial support. Two food trucks, the vegetarian-Indian Annapurna’s Thali and the self-explanatory Fishin’ Ships have already launched campaigns. While this approach might encourage the arrival of cuisine we really want or need in town (vegetarian-thali!), it might also lead to slick self-promotion trumping the virtue of good food.

Meanwhile in 2014 let’s revisit the places that made the previous few years so memorable. Schulte and Herr continues to be charming and excellent, its cuisine wholly unique in Portland, and BYOB. The same can be said for The Well in the summertime. Eventide is still world-class. Now the drinks at Hunt and Alpine are too. The sole francais at Street and Co. is still delicate perfection. If we could all just sign up for Medicaid and free up some cash for eating out, then Portland could support both the best of the familiar and appreciate what’s intriguing and new. 

coming to portland? Vegetarian thalis.

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