Thou shalt pop corn

By JESSICA PORTER  |  August 9, 2006

The SDA approach is not typical: “Christians are sometimes the biggest hindrance to people changing their diet,” explains Larry, “because they teach people ‘Oh, just pray about it.’ You pray about that cigarette, you pray about that Coca-Cola — does that make it good for you?” His eyebrows rise: “So I have actually become, let’s say... a disturbed Christian.” Brows furrow. “I’m sharing this information because [the former] is completely the wrong concept. If this is a Christian nation, why do we have the worst health statistics? Because we’re teaching people that they can eat garbage, and then by praying about it, it will get better.”

In the hour we spend together, Larry and I discuss Mad Cow Disease, aspartame-induced seizures, Gulf War Syndrome, and Bovine Growth Hormone. He is passionate about the health crises we’re eating our way into, and he knows his facts.

I could kick back with some popcorn and listen for a while — I like this guy — but Larry’s gotta keep moving; he’s got overworked, non-Adventist, power-hungry New Yorkers to feed. And he loves it.

P.S. Little Lad’s popcorn and many of their other 200 products are being picked up by Whole Foods and Wild Oats, and may be sold nationally in the near future.

Jessica Porter is the author of The Hip Chick’s Guide to Macrobiotics and can be reached at .

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