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Less than zero

Artist Russell Freeland went from Boston to Austin — and gave up absolutely everything in the process
Three years ago, Russell Freeland had what most would consider a settled life. Just two years later, though, Freeland was hungry, exhausted, and homeless, trying to survive in Austin, Texas.
By: IAN SANDS  |  October 10, 2009


MassCan's 20th Freedom Rally relatively free from arrests

Peace Pipe Dept.
Assuming that, at MassCann's 20th annual Freedom Rally on Boston Common this past Saturday, all 30,000 attendees got stoned, smokers had less than a half-percent chance of getting busted.
By: CHRIS FARAONE  |  September 23, 2009


Bookstores fight back with instant paperbacks

Just Add Author Dept.
Battered booksellers, especially independent ones, have so far withstood the punishing shock-and-awe offensive of Internet Age marauders like Amazon.
By: ETHAN GILSDORF  |  September 23, 2009


Fall Arts Guide 2009

Over 1000 Picks!
Sink your teeth into the best Movies, Music, Art, and more!
By: PHOENIX STAFF  |  September 17, 2009


A Tale of Two Towns

Renowned for its roguish history, Charlestown is finally getting Hollywood's attention
Charlestown was baptized in bloodshed. Yet this unique, fertile turf has been generally overlooked by Hollywood, which has preferred instead its old rival South Boston, the primary backdrop for Oscar winners Good Will Hunting and The Departed .
By: CHRIS FARAONE  |  September 29, 2009


Where everybody knows its name

J.J. Foley's Celebrates its 100th
In describing the changes that have shaped the South End since Jeremiah J. Foley poured his first glass of whiskey there one century ago this month, one need not look far for metaphors.
By: CHRIS FARAONE  |  September 09, 2009


Storied treasures

Arts and Crap Dept.
How much would you pay for a nutcracker James Dean used — precisely how, we can't guess — to pleasure himself? Or a cow-shaped creamer that once belonged to Norman Rockwell during a particularly dark period of his life?
By: MIKE MILIARD  |  September 10, 2009


Photos: King Richard's Faire 2009

King Richard's Faire in Carver
Photos from King Richard's Faire 2009
By: MADDY MYERS  |  September 08, 2009


Living with HPV

It afflicts millions, yet no one talks about this nightmarish STD. Now one woman bares all.
The results are “normal.” I breathe a sigh of relief. But should I be relieved? It’s been two years since I heard a registered nurse tell me “You have HPV,” and I am still getting scraped from the inside out, still making appointments to see doctors, and still terrified that I’ll get cancer.
By: LISA SPINELLI  |  September 04, 2009


Field guide to Facebook

Log on at your own peril! We take you on a surfing safari and break down the site's 19 most browser-busting bozos.
Recently, CNN ran a short piece listing common Facebook personas. CNN ? After our collective jaws dropped, we asked the rhetorical question, "How instructive is the funeral-parlor-stopover of undead zombies like Lou Dobbs and Larry King going to be to the Facebookers of today?"
By: KARA BASKIN  |  September 04, 2009


Comic: HPV doesn't discriminate

How could this happen?
One lesbian's story, through her own comics, on being diagnosed with HPV
By: KATIE MEGAPHONE DIAMOND  |  September 03, 2009


Welcome Back 2009

A newcomer's guide to Boston
Beantown's student essentials
By: BOSTON PHOENIX STAFF  |  September 01, 2009


When a bicyclist falls in the city, does it make a noise?

A look at the city's most dangerous intersections
Learning to cycle safely on Boston streets is a tempering process.
By: PETE STIDMAN  |  September 01, 2009


Apartment aid

Outfit your digs with bad art, help save a life
Back from an arduous vacation full of nail-biting beer-pong battles and vigorous Wii tennis matches, you enter the dilapidated dorm or apartment where you'll be spending the next year doing much the same.
By: IAN SANDS  |  August 31, 2009


High dives

It's harder than ever to find a bar with soul in town these days. But it's not impossible.
Dive bars. Where the drinks are cold and stiff. Where the air wafts with the unmistakable but not-altogether-unpleasant tang of suds long since spilled. Where the neon shines bright and true and the jukebox plays good and loud.
By: MIKE MILIARD  |  August 31, 2009


A girl's guide to Boston boys

Stop looking for love in all the wrong places
Autumn opens itself wide with possibility. And Boston begins to crackle with fresh energy (you'll feel it), as the city spreads its arms to thousands of new humans. New brains and bodies abuzz with all sorts of anticipation. The feeling of fall: potential .
By: NINA MACLAUGHLIN  |  September 04, 2009


Wild nights

For better or worse, gay life is ditching the bars
I don't need to break this news to you returning LGTBTQ-folk, but for those of you just joining us in Boston, a bitter little amuse bouche to start off this otherwise super-tasty survey of our current gay-nightlife situation: our gay bars kind of suck.
By: MICHAEL BRODEUR  |  August 31, 2009


Photos: Patriots cheerleaders at MSPCA Paw Wash

Patriot cheerleaders wash down some doggies at the MSPCA - Angell in Jamaica Plain
Photos from the 5th Annual MSPCA " Paw Wash" with the New England Patriots cheerleaders.
By: MELISSA OSTROW  |  August 25, 2009


Photos: Demolition Derbies

Photos of demolition derbies and races around New England
Photos of demolition derbies around New England
By: GREG COOK  |  August 20, 2009


Crash for clunkers

With the economy breaking down and the world spinning out of control, America looks for hope . . . in demolition derbies?
An air horn calls the demolition derby to a halt, as firefighters dash across the Brockton Fair's muddy track and shove an extinguisher under the hood of one of the banged-up cars.
By: GREG COOK  |  August 20, 2009

twitter list

From the Web to the Workplace

Polish your tweets and blogs with a course in online social networking
Nearly nine percent of the Massachusetts workforce is unemployed this summer, and with local colleges cranking out a glut of degree recipients in a lousy job market, many of them are inevitably lounging around on futons, blogging and posting on Facebook walls in between job applications.
By: ASHLEY RIGAZIO  |  August 14, 2009

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