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Do video games promote violins?

Video Games Live at the Wang Theatre, November 21, 2008
The lights go down, the audience hushes, and the orchestra plays the first notes of the evening: "Beep. Boop. Beep."
By: DAVE BARKER  |  November 25, 2008


Photos: Possible kill screen

Video Games Live at the Wang Theater, November 21, 2008
Video Games Live at the Wang Theater, November 21, 2008
By: MELISSA OSTROW  |  November 24, 2008


Peaceful Easy Feeling

Calexico at the Somerville Theatre, November 16, 2008
The members of Calexico look like dads. They play a little like dads too.
By: RICHARD BECK  |  November 18, 2008


Billy, Don't Be a Hero

Smashing Pumpkins at the Wang Theatre, November 15, 2008
The second of a two-night stand in Boston, with no overlap from the previous night, the Saturday show started off with a few of Corgan's better-known tunes only to drift off into la-la land at around the halfway point.
By: DANIEL BROCKMAN  |  November 19, 2008


Mixed Media at the Papercut

Cultural staples
Last Saturday's mixed-bill affair at the Papercut Zine Library was a strange hybrid of contemporary salon, multimedia talent show, and impromptu modern-dance class (with instructions to move our bodies "like fire").
By: CAITLIN E. CURRAN  |  November 18, 2008


Photos: Smashing Pumpkins at the Wang Theatre

November 15, 2008
November 15, 2008
By: CARINA MASTROCOLA  |  November 18, 2008


Photos: AC-DC at TD Banknorth Garden

Photos of AC/DC at TD Banknorth Garden, November 9, 2008
Photos of AC/DC at TD Banknorth Garden, November 9, 2008
By: JOE HARRINGTON  |  November 11, 2008


Raising the Bar (Rock)

The Hold Steady + The Drive-By Truckers at the Orpheum, November 9, 2008
On the "Rock and Roll Means Well" tour, Drive-By Truckers and the Hold Steady upgraded their respective brands of quintessential American bar rock with a number of arena-rock trimmings.
By: CHRISTOPHER GRAY  |  November 14, 2008


Top grade Angus

AC/DC at TD Banknorth Garden, November 9 , 2008
At 53, Young probably has a lock right now on the title of most successful stripper in America. He spared us the full moon, but he and his band delivered an absolute powerhouse set.
By: Daniel Brockman  |  November 13, 2008


Photos: El Dia de los Muertos

Photos from the Day of the Dead ceremony at Forest Hills Cemetery
Photos from the Day of the Dead ceremony at Forest Hills Cemetery
By: KIMBERLY MOA  |  November 06, 2008


Dead Alive

La Piñata bring the Day of the Dead to Forest Hills Cemetery
There's something surreal about following a trail of flickering lanterns into serene Forest Hills Cemetery, only to be greeted by a roaring bonfire, a gaudily shrouded ziggurat, and skull-masked children dancing in the twilight.
By: SHAULA CLARK  |  November 07, 2008


Severed Heads

David Byrne at the Wang Theatre, October 31, 2008
“This ain’t no CBGB,” David Byrne sang during his late-set dive bomb into “Life During Wartime,” and a glance around the immensely classy premises of the Wang Theatre verified it.
By: DANIEL BROCKMAN  |  November 10, 2008


Monster Mosh

Bane at ICC, October 31, 2008
The intensity level may have been a hair tamer last Friday at the ICC in Allston — an unassuming DIY venue in a church's function hall — but Halloween gave the night a twist.
By: DAVID BOFFA  |  November 07, 2008


Simple gifts

Jordi Savall & Hespèrion XXI, Sanders Theatre, October 25, 2008
Friday I watched more musicians than even Gustav Mahler used to ask for assemble on stage at Symphony Hall to perform the 10 minutes of Pierre Boulez’s Notations I-IV .
By:  |  November 03, 2008


San Francisco treat

Deerhoof at the Middle East Downstairs, October 23, 2008
The SF-based Deerhoof performed at the Middle East a week ago Thursday with the amusingly repetitive precision of a puppet show or an assembly of wind-up toys.  
By: CAITLIN E. CURRAN  |  October 28, 2008


What Should Never Be

The Paul Green School Of Rock Boston Presents A Tribute To Led Zeppelin at the Middle East Upstairs, October 25, 2008
On this Saturday afternoon, the legions of the School of Rock (Boston branch) were pretty much indistinguishable from the real Led Zeppelin, who were themselves teenagers when they formed in the late ’60s.  
By: DANIEL BROCKMAN  |  October 28, 2008


They who smelt it, dealt it

Halloween Iron Pour sports all-star cast
Last Friday’s Iron Pour — a festival of fire and metal — felt like a giddy lab experiment cooked up by 12-year-old pyromaniacs who spent a week watching The Wicker Man .  
By: SHAULA CLARK  |  October 30, 2008


Photos: Billy Bragg

Live at the Somerville Theatre, October 21, 2008
Live at the Somerville Theatre, October 21, 2008
By: CHRISTOPHER KONTOES  |  October 28, 2008


Cellars by strobe light

We Are The Seahorses, Killspree Burlesque, and Real Life Time Machines at an “undisclosed” basement location
The ensuing batshit hysteria of this gathering was probably as close as one can realistically and safely get to a temporary autonomous zone.  
By: BARRY THOMPSON  |  October 24, 2008


Adoring public

CCTV 20TH Anniversary at the Middle East Upstairs, October 18, 2008
If the goal was to bring to life for a night the strange beast that is cable access, they nailed it.  
By: MEGAN V. BELL  |  October 24, 2008


She’s got legs

Madonna at TD Banknorth Garden, October 15, 2008
Far from mellowing with age, Madonna hit us with wonderfully mean-spirited aggression wrapped up in a misleading sexual come-on.  
By: DANIEL BROCKMAN  |  October 21, 2008

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