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Big Digits are an unstoppable party machine

No parents, no rules
Like most good things in life, my first Big Digits experience was in an Allston basement.
By: P. NICK CURRAN  |  August 31, 2011


Inside the experimental mind of Flying Lotus

Shifting Focus
"I have less time to make music than I wish I did," says Steven Ellison, "so when I work on stuff, I mean it, you know?" Ellison is Flying Lotus, a soft-spoken 27-year-old from Los Angeles with a pause in his speech, like he just figured out where another piece goes in his puzzle.
By: DAN WEISS  |  August 31, 2011

dave mustaine back talk 2

Dave Mustaine's righteous path

Tragic hero
Now sober, the ginger frontman is not only sharing a bill with Metallica, but the stage in an end-of-the-night jam to celebrate the Big Four, along with Slayer and Anthrax, and commemorating 30 years of pioneering thrash by playing select gigs around the world, including New York's Yankee Stadium next month.
By: MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER  |  August 24, 2011


Rainbow coalition

Hair-metal royalty, working-class meatheads, and six-year-olds still mingle at LA’s Rainbow Bar & Grille
It is 1985. I am six years old, sitting in a sticky red leather booth in a wood-paneled room on the Sunset Strip, eating pizza.  
By: EUGENIA WILLIAMSON  |  August 24, 2011


Rediscovering Metallica with a new bio

Write the Lightning
Write the Lightning
By: JAMES PARKER  |  August 26, 2011


Inside the underworld of Crepusculo Negro

Black magic
The most exciting music in American black metal today is being made by a collective of musicians who call themselves the Black Twilight Circle, and who combine for a dizzying array of line-ups under names like Arizmenda, Axeman, Kuxan Suum, the Haunting Presence, and Dolorvotre.
By: IAN DUNCAN-BROWN  |  August 24, 2011


Dear ‘girlfriend metal’: Fuck you and the Facebook page you rode in on

Take this genre and shove it
I had no idea that the term "girlfriend metal" was used anywhere outside my immediate circle of snarky, elitist Brooklyn-based friends.
By: KIM KELLY  |  August 24, 2011

more big 4

Why there won't ever be another 'Big Four' - and why that's a good thing

The state of metal
In April, thrash metal's self-billed "Big Four" — Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax — played a one-off American show in the middle of the desert in Indio, California.
By: DANIEL BROCKMAN  |  August 24, 2011

cellgraft 3

Tampa re-emerging as a death-metal hotbed

Dark rays
People up here in the Northeast normally associate Tampa, Florida, with balmy beaches and snowbirds. But look beyond the sands and the area is the perfect grindcore dystopia: boulevards flanked by miles of strip sprawl cut across a lattice of low-slung houses built on the cheap, monotony punctuated every few miles by hulking shopping centers and big-box plazas.
By: JANSSEN MCCORMICK  |  August 24, 2011

sewer goddess 4

Shaping noise into extreme metal with Sewer Goddess

The grimy underground
Sewer Goddess are gritty, grimy, and unpleasant listening, but a growing legion of gluttons flock to the band's audial punishment.
By: IAN DUNCAN-BROWN  |  August 23, 2011

liam 4

Beady Eye's Liam Gallagher talks new music, the Oasis breakup, and 'shithole' Glastonbury

Feeling supersonic
Back in March, I caught up with Liam post-soundcheck in Paris, when he called to talk about his new gig, Noel taking credit for the success of Oasis, and how he is scaling back the partying -- but not to Chris Martin of Coldplay levels.
By: MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER  |  August 17, 2011


An '80s Britpop pre-history

Early echoes
The pre-history of Britpop can be traced to the early-'80s Liverpool grudge match between Echo & the Bunnymen and Julian Cope's Teardrop Explodes.
By: DANIEL BROCKMAN  |  August 17, 2011

britpop timeline 3

Britpop timeline

From Suede crashing the party to a 2000 wake-up call
AUGUST 1995 • Blur vs. Oasis — battling bands release singles on the same day. Blur's "Country House" outsells Oasis's "Roll With It" 274k to 216k; they finish Nos. 1 and 2 on UK chart.
By: PHOENIX STAFF  |  August 17, 2011


Don't look back in anger

Checking in with 14 former stars of Britpop to see if modern life is truly rubbish in 2011
It's been more than 15 years since Britpop's heyday, and with the exception of one man – the Manic Street Preachers' Richey Edwards, who disappeared suddenly in 1995 – the rest of the cast is still trying to get by, just like the rest of us. Here's what they're up to these days...
By: KAYLEY KRAVITZ  |  August 17, 2011


Viva cool Britannia

Counting down the top 100 greatest Britpop anthems of the ’90s
Counting down the top 100 greatest Britpop anthems of the ’90s
By: PHOENIX STAFF  |  August 19, 2011

ID fest 3

Identity Festival rocks out the dance party

Beats happening
Genre predictions are dumb, but there is one thing absolutely certain in music: rock music is dead, and the era of electronic dominance is finally here.
By: LUKE O'NEIL  |  August 17, 2011


The tireless street hustle of Grey Sky Appeal

Allston rap city
Allston alt-rap crew Grey Sky Appeal more or less avoid the local scene altogether, opting instead to play shows where people give a shit, and sometimes even enjoy themselves.
By: CHRIS FARAONE  |  August 17, 2011

good mornin old sport

Mornin' Old Sport launch our pop-up video series with jazz-inspired '20s country

Sound on the streets
Allston's Mornin' Old Sport play jazz-inspired country songs, brimming with three-part harmonies and a rare chemistry amongst the group's four members.
By: LIZ PELLY  |  August 10, 2011

Nicole Atkins is back

Nicole Atkins finds peace in her darkness

Fade to black
A lot seemed to go wrong for Atkins after Columbia Records released her classic-pop imbued debut Neptune City four years ago. The singer of the newly rechristened Nicole Atkins and the Black Sea watched everyone responsible for getting her signed to a coveted major label deal get fired within months.
By: JONATHAN DONALDSON  |  August 09, 2011


The young punk blood of Denmark's Iceage

New noise
The big conundrum at the center of the Iceage phenomenon is one of intentionality: could vocalist Elias Rønnenfelt and Co. really have known what they were doing when they crafted New Brigade's thorny morass of no-wave HC effects-laden kicks?  
By: DANIEL BROCKMAN  |  August 10, 2011


The circular splendor of My Morning Jacket

Spontaneous routes
It all began with TheTennessee Fire of 1999 — just a tiny spark ignited by the fiery vision and devastating voice of Jim James.
By: NOLAN GAWRON  |  August 09, 2011

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