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Katie Crutchfield's travels

Waxahatchee's American Weekend was my favorite record of 2012, an 11-song collection of downcast acoustic-guitar ballads laced with raw, pointed poetry, home-recorded over a week at Katie Crutchfield's childhood home in Birmingham, Alabama.
By: LIZ PELLY  |  January 30, 2013


Boston’s Biggest Bouncers

Whether they're guarding doors or patrolling dance floors, nightlife security staffers are intentionally intimidating — but there's more to these guys than brawny biceps.
By: SCOTT KEARNAN  |  February 01, 2013


The mysterious ways of Sonnymoon

Cellars by Starlight
The ways of musical success are many.
By: PERRY EATON  |  January 29, 2013


What's F'n Next? Buke and Gase

Hudson, New York
Almost every person I've told about Buke and Gase assumes that they'll hate this band, which isn't their fault.
By: BARRY THOMPSON  |  January 29, 2013


Boston Rock & Pop Class of 2013

A baker’s dozen of the best new bands in Boston — and slightly beyond
What was once a stodgy rock-and-roll town swallowed up by its participants' mutual disdain for one another has given way to a community fostering relentless creativity and support.
By: MICHAEL MAROTTA  |  January 28, 2013


Interview: Ian Svenonius is here to stay

Super natural
In his new book, Supernatural Strategies for Making A Rock ‘n' Roll Group (Akashic), Ian Svenonius lays out a plan for a neophyte intending to enter the world of competitive rock.
By: DANIEL BROCKMAN  |  January 22, 2013


Behind the booth

Every weekend needs a good, sweaty Hookup.
By: SCOTT KEARNAN  |  January 23, 2013


What's F'n Next? Widowspeak

Shortly after the release of their 2011 self-titled debut, Widowspeak drummer and founder Michael Stasiak left the band; it was the blow that drove singer Molly Hamilton and guitarist Robert Earl Thomas to make a better album.
By: JONATHAN DONALDSON  |  January 23, 2013


10 things I wish I knew before I started playing in bands in Boston

We hear you just moved to "the Bean", and you're thinking about starting a real life rock-'n-roll band! Here's a bunch of bullshit you should know about.
By: BARRY THOMPSON  |  January 25, 2013


Purity Ring’s body of futuristic pop

The brain of a seamstress must carry an intricate understanding of human anatomy, a knowledge of the body's limbs and joints, and the ways each part flexes into the next.
By: LIZ PELLY  |  January 23, 2013


Phantom Glue come into focus

Cellars by Starlight
Variations of "nightmarish" and "psychedelic" come up repeatedly as Matt Oates describes his band's work — which makes sense, given that Phantom Glue trace their roots back to Slayer, the Jesus Lizard, and cult post-hardcore act KARP.
By: REYAN ALI  |  January 23, 2013


Famous Rock Critics School: Test Your Talent

I bet you get damn tired of seeing all those pompous smartasses raking in cash, glory and free records for scrawling about the latest heavies in rags like Creem, Rolling Stone, Phonograph Record and Awake.
By: LESTER BANGS  |  January 23, 2013


There’s hope for the Vaccines

Every few years, a guitar band forms and swaggers up the charts on the strength of music that captures the UK's youthful zeitgeist.
By: ANNIE ZALESKI  |  January 23, 2013


Jeffrey Tonnesen’s Night — and Day

Raised on '90s raves, Jeffrey Tonnesen started out by spinning bands like the Clash and the Kinks at hipster rock bars on the Lower East Side; now he plays international fashion shows for Prada and DVF.
By: SCOTT KEARNAN  |  January 18, 2013


Femi Kuti carries on

Funky, jazzy, infectious beats fill Femi Kuti's new album, No Place for My Dream , just as they did his 2010 Grammy-winning Africa for Africa — and have on every release since he began recording in 1987.
By: VALERIE GLADSTONE  |  January 14, 2013


What's F'n Next? King Tuff

Sounding like the bastard offspring of T. Rex and Alex Chilton, King Tuff's self-titled second album and first for the iconic Sub Pop label was one of the more pleasant surprises of last year.
By: MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER  |  January 14, 2013


Blurring electronic-pop reality with Providence's Math the Band

Cellars by starlight
Around the age of 10 or 11, Kevin Steinhauser started having recurring dreams about supermarket shelves stocked with vintage keyboards.
By: BARRY THOMPSON  |  January 14, 2013


The bright lights of Ellie Goulding

Long before Ellie Goulding hit No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in summer 2012 with "Lights" — a starry-eyed dance-floor trifle with subtle neo-disco beats and sleek keyboard burbles — the singer-songwriter was a star in her native England.
By: ANNIE ZALESKI  |  January 18, 2013


What's F'n Next? Nude Beach

Chuck Betz, Ryan Naideau, and Jimmy Shelton met in high school on Long Island while playing in punk and hardcore bands like Guadalupe, Dustheads, and Religious Knives.
By: LIZ PELLY  |  January 08, 2013


Graveyard pull their weight

Any rocker worth his salt eventually realizes the paradox of total heaviosity: even the heaviest riff requires a light touch, and moments of brutal rage become meaningless without some lightness to offset the shade.
By: DANIEL BROCKMAN  |  January 08, 2013


The soft touch of Jessie Ware

Fashioning a personal sound is a mysterious and difficult process. In Jessie Ware's case, the end result, her glistening and stirring 2012 debut, Devotion (Universal), shows just how magical this kind of alchemy can be when done right.
By: DANIEL BROCKMAN  |  January 11, 2013

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