In the closing weeks of this fall's campaign, as it worked to elect Republican gubernatorial nominee John Robitaille and other like-minded pols, the group filed a federal lawsuit seeking permission to skirt spending limits and rules on campaign finance disclosure.

The suit is but the latest penned by arch-conservative lawyer James Bopp Jr. in his nationwide bid to eviscerate state-level campaign finance rules. This from a man who played a key role in the infamous Citizens United case, which ended with the US Supreme Court opening the floodgates to corporate spending on elections.

And while you can make a (flawed) free speech argument for unlimited spending — let 'em squawk, right? — there's no reasonable argument against disclosure.


If the Citizens United decision gets a "gobble-gobble" on the national level, so does Arizona's "driving while brown" illegal immigration bill.

Thankfully, this sort of foolishness doesn't have a chance in lil' Rhody. But that didn't stop State Representative Peter Palumbo, D (yes, D)-Cranston, from filing a copycat bill.

We shouldn't have been surprised. This is the guy, after all, who wants welfare recipients to pee in a cup.

How do you spell turkey? P-A-L-U-M-B-O.


Eight-year-old David Morales, asked to make a decorative hat for a school function, was just trying to add a little patriotic flare when he affixed some toy soldiers — toting toy guns — to his camouflage chapeau.

But the troops' tiny instruments of death, it seems, were too much for a Coventry school system with a zero-tolerance policy for weapons.

So little David was sent home at the end of the day, hat in hand, and told he could only return to Tiogue School with unarmed soldiers atop his head.

He came back with a plain baseball cap instead. School officials, in the interim, had grown red wattles on their necks and feathers on their backsides.


Close readers of the Phoenix will recall that we turkified the state Supreme Court last year for ruling that the state's Ethics Commission can't prosecute members of the General Assembly for auctioning off their most valuable commodities: their votes.

Well, the House of Representatives passed a bill this year giving voters a shot to reinstate the commission's powers. But state Senate leaders, who made a rather unconvincing case that Ethics Commission oversight isn't necessary, refused to allow a vote.

And with that, the Phoenix turkey waddled out of the Supreme Court and straight up Smith Hill — taking a comfy seat in the Senate chamber.

OH, NEVER MIND Rogers’s decision to quit her campaign for lieutenant governor was suspicious, to say the least.

After fending off the, um, mercurial Kara Russo to become the GOP's nominee for lieutenant governor, Heidi Rogers promptly announced that she was dropping out and throwing her support behind Cool Mooser Robert Healey.

For months, Republican operatives had eyed Healey — the hirsute independent who has campaigned for years to abolish the office — as the candidate best positioned to oust incumbent Democrat Elizabeth Roberts.

So Rogers's decision to drop out after defeating Russo — who had next to no chance of winning in the general election — was suspicious, to say the least.

Hey, if it looks like turkey and walks like a turkey . . . .

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