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Brown hall of shame
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  July 25, 2012

Brown University has already taken its disgraced alumnus Joe Paterno's name off an award doled out every year to the school's outstanding male freshman athlete. But there is still a question about whether Coach Paterno should be ejected from the Brown Athletic Hall of Fame.

Unbeknownst to most, Phillipe is also a member of the Brown Athletic Hall of Fame, having been named a three-time First Team All Ivy, All New England, and All America soccer player while on College Hill. That, in part, explains why he didn't fare so well academically. That and one other distraction: he was trying to get laid.

P.'s Hall of Famer opinion on whether to jettison Paterno is a resounding and unqualified, "Yes, throw him out."

The Brown Athletic Hall of Fame says its mission is to "honor alumni and others who, through outstanding performance and achievement in the fields of athletics, have brought special honor to Brown University."

Paterno was elected to the Hall in 1977 not just because of his football prowess at Brown, where he still shares the record for career interceptions. It was also his Penn State legacy, which was already established at the time of his induction. And that legacy, now tarnished, demands his ouster.

P. has always thought that Pete Rose, banned for his indiscretions, deserves to be in baseball's Hall of Fame. But standing up gambling next to facilitating/ignoring child rape is comparing apples to H-bombs.

The NCAA got it right when it finally sprouted cojones and levied harsh sanctions against the Penn State football program. Among the penalties: stripping the team — and Paterno — of all of their wins since 1998, when evidence of Jerry Sandusky's deviant crimes against children first emerged.

That sanction said it all: Mr. Paterno, you and your whole program were complicit — you most of all. To even suggest that Paterno, a control freak like every other God-complex major college football coach, didn't know about this abomination was laughable from the start.

So, put simply: toss Joe Paterno from the Brown Athletic Hall of Fame. He was a coward who didn't want to risk giving "his" program a bad name — who was more concerned with protecting his phony-baloney image as an Ivory Snow-clean mentor of student-athletes than with facing a terrible truth.

If Brown and its Hall of Fame execs decide to do the right thing, they will fulfill that mission to bring "special honor to Brown University."


The media watchdog group FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting) points out that Florida meteorologist David Bernard, who often offers his "expert" opinion on severe weather events to CBS Evening News, also happens to be a climate change denier.

In this day and age, with the world's leading scientists declaring consensus about climate change (and its human origins), having a global warming denier as your severe weather expert is like having a creationist as your go-to guy on evolution and biology.

Phillipe and Jorge checked in with our old pal Tony Petrarca, the chief meteorologist at WPRI-TV, our local CBS affiliate, to get his take on Bernard's denials. Tony, who is an impossibly nice guy who has given tons of time to community causes over the decades in The Biggest Little, obviously isn't buying what Bernard is selling.

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