The nature of our community is such that nearly everyone who has lived here for any length of time was touched in some way — a friend or a family member or someone you went to school with or worked with perished or was horribly burned.

On the anniversary, there will be a commemorative event at the First Baptist Church, 75 North Main Street, Providence at 9:30 pm. "Station Nation: A Reflection on the Station Nightclub Fire" will feature "performing artists from throughout the country and Canada," with "dramatic texts, dance performances and songs."

This event is free and, if you wish to learn more about it and others surrounding the anniversary, go to


The Phoenix hits the streets on Valentine's Day. And there are a number of events throughout the Biggest Little that don't involve the exchange of greeting cards and chocolate. Your superior correspondents are especially intrigued by one featuring fabulous singer and karaoke diva Adrienne West titled "Valentines Day Sucks."

The show is at the LA Cafe (that's Lower Arctic) in the love capital of the world, West Warwick.


Yes, February is Genius Time in the Biggest Little.

This week, Central Falls genius Chuckie Moreau, the former mayor, was sentenced for his ridiculous and brazen bilking of his poverty-stricken city. Somehow, his no-bid contractor pal and partner in crime, Michael Bouthillette, got no time and, instead, was given a six-figure fine and 2000 hours of community service. Sic semper moronicus.

Meanwhile, another member of Rhody's Mensa Society walked into a Sovereign Bank on North Main Street in Providence, sans disguise, gloves and holdup note. A teller gave him the money but P&J figure it will only be a matter of days (or hours) before this guy is headed for a cell next to Chuckie's.

At least the hapless bank robber didn't try to pull a trick we heard about years ago from an ACI psychologist. He described a guy who tried to rob a bank with his weapon of choice, a photograph of a German shepherd that he said was out in his car, ready to back him up in case things got tense inside.

And finally, Kim Jong-un, the presiding genius in North Korea, decided to conduct a nuclear test in complete violation of international law. Not only did the move piss off Japan and the United States, but it also embarrassed China, North Korea's only ally.

Jong-un, no doubt, would be a perfect fit for the mayor's office in Central Falls. Perhaps he'll consider a run.

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