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Another step toward equality; Big @#!%-ing Papi; musical musings
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  April 24, 2013

On Tuesday, the Other Paper reported that "five Senate Republicans have endorsed same-sex marriage," continuing that, "In a statement Tuesday morning, the senators said, 'We recognize that there is a national consensus building on this generational issue, and we are glad that support for the freedom to marry is growing within the Republican Party.' " Signing the statement were Senators Dennis Algiere, David Bates, Dawson Hodgson, Nicholas Kettle, and Chris Ottiano.

There is little mystery where your superior correspondents stand on marriage equality. We are for it, as we have been for full equality and rights for Vo Dilanduhs of all sexual orientations for the entire 33 years of this column.

P&J are delighted that the Senate Judiciary Committee voted later on Tuesday to pass the bill and push it on to the Senate floor. Now the bill faces a vote (after our deadline) that appears to be a sure-shot in a traditionally greased-to-go legislature that knee-jerks its vote in favor of any bill that isn't remanded to custody under the "held for further study" nomenclature of the corrupt committee system.

P&J happened to be in the State House a few hours before the judiciary committee's vote. Answering nature's call in one of the elegantly appointed marble stalls, we saw written on the pristine wall, in black marker, "No gay marriage" and "We hate homos." But the topper was, "Send them back to Faglandia," which was so absurd P&J could only think of Groucho Marx's call of "Hail, Freedonia!" in the classic comedy, Duck Soup.

Let's hope that the Senate judiciary vote — and eventual full Senate confirmation — puts an end to that type of thinking. And perhaps it's time the custodial crew of Halitosis Hall got on the job and removed such dated and ignorant obscenities.


Since many of Phillipe and Jorge's dear readers aren't exactly sports buffs, it's worth repeating the brief but earthily elegant oratory David "Big Papi" Ortiz gave at Fenway Park before the BoSox' first post-marathon bombing home game on April 20.

Standing in the middle of the field during pre-game ceremonies to honor the dead, wounded, and first responders, Big Papi — perhaps the most beloved Red Sox player in the past decade — pointed out that the players were wearing special uniforms with "Boston" across their chest instead of the traditional "Red Sox."

Speaking from the heart instead of a script, Ortiz said, "This is our fucking city! And nobody's going to dictate our freedom. Stay strong."

The crowd reaction was huge and loud, with political correctness properly put on the back burner for a rousing moment.

Big Papi's colorful remarks aired live on NESN with no bleeping of the offensive word and when media nerds started their usual nitpicking about how this might be received by the suits at the Federal Communications Commission, the FCC did the right thing for a change. Chairman Julius Genachowski — who happens to be a native of Brookline, MA and a Harvard grad — declared the incident unworthy of hysteria by tweeting on the FCC's Twitter account, "David Ortiz spoke from the heart at today's Red Sox game. I stand with Big Papi and the people of Boston."

In a time of insanity, at least a couple folks brought a sane response to the situation. Kudos to Big Papi and Big Julius.

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