By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  June 12, 2013

It’s the oldest joke in the book, but you always want to avoid time spent inside at the government’s pleasure. While you might enter prison as a tight end, you may well emerge as a wide receiver.

We should probably be fired for using this repulsive old chestnut, but maybe someone hasn’t heard it yet. And it does light up the bad taste bell.

More Italian 101: the Bruglione report

Last week in the Cool, Cool World, your superior correspondents were musing on the word “bruglione,” an inescapable turn of phrase if you’re a listener to Vincent “The Bud-I” Cianci’s radio show on WPRO-AM. We were wondering about its definition and correct spelling and, as usual, our erudite readers have come to the rescue.

We heard from Andrew Grover, who tells us “I read your piece about Buddy Cianci in the Phoenix yesterday. I believe the spelling of the word in question would be ‘bruglione.’ As I learned in Italian class at Cranston East, ‘gl’ is pronounced as a rolling ‘l,’ kind of like double ‘lls’ in Spanish.”

Kudos to Andrew’s Italian teacher at Cranston East. Who says you can’t get a good public school education in the Biggest Little?

We also heard from Jorge’s pal Bob “The Builder” Collington (whom we frequently see at Mark Cutler and the Men of Great Courage gigs) who tells us that bruglione translates into “dumb slug.” This, Bob elicited from his female friend, Nancie Luciano, he tells us. He also suggested two other fine words that he doesn’t hear hardly enough: “strash” (for “trashy people”) and “mascarade” (for “tarted up slut”).

Thanks Andrew, Bob, and Nancie.

Loose talk

Speaking of talk radio, we do listen sporadically to the local talk shows. But we must admit that the syndicated John Batchelor show out of WABC in New York (on WPRO-AM, Monday through Saturday evenings at 9 pm), is one of the best things we’ve heard on commercial radio. Batchelor’s current events/history/culture approach is unique and he has wonderful guests from around the world on a regular basis.

But back to the locals. The other day we were amazed to hear former State Representative and US Congressional candidate, John Loughlin (whose radio persona is pretty zany and amusing), announce to the audience that Lily Tomlin will be performing at the Newport Yachting Center this summer.

“You remember, Lily Tomlin, She was on Saturday Night Live and played Emily Litella.”

No, no, no, John. For Ms. Tomlin’s showbiz origins, you have go back a decade to the 1960s, before SNL (which debuted in 1975) to Rowan and Martin’sLaugh-In, when the magnificent Lily, Goldie Hawn, RI’s Ruth Buzzi, Henry Gibson, and so many others had their breakout moments. It was the beloved Gilda Radner who created Emily Litella, Roseanne Roseannadanna, and so many more characters on SNL.

We don’t mean to knock John. He seems like a good guy who is generally entertaining on the airwaves. We just thought that someone in the studio would have picked up on this obvious error or one of the listeners might have called in. But no dice.

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