Eyes under the water

By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  June 19, 2013


No shit, Sherlock. That’s why Little Rhody’s government is a laughingstock. And kudos to Ms. Gregg and colleague Philip Marcelo for the best description of this corrupt practice foisted on the citizens every year: “the General Assembly’s Democratic leaders will unveil a proposed state budget on Tuesday and call for a same-day vote by the House Finance Committee while the pages are still warm from the copier.”


P.S.: Unless P&J are mistaken, there is a law that requires legislators to vow that they’ve fully read a budget bill before they vote on it. As Chico Marx used to say to Groucho in their movies, “That’s a good one, boss!”

Man of steel pen


Now thatMan of Steel is on the silver screen (however atrocious it may be), it brings Phillipe back to memories of his childhood.


In his Wonder Years growing up in Connecticut, P.’s best friend’s father was a wonderful gentleman named Curt Swan. Mr. Swan also happened to be the a prolific illustrator of DC Comics’ Superman comic books. Not that you would know it, because he kept a very low profile, and there’s a good chance he enjoyed painting local beach scenes more than drawing the adventures of the superhero. (Actually, the most visible of the Swan family was the matriarch, Helene, who had been a truck driver in the WAC in World War II and was notorious for backing her Corvair out of the driveway at about 40 miles an hour. But we digress. . . .)


Curt and his family — with whom P. would stay while his folks took a blessed vacation every year, sans five nitwit kids — had closets full of Superman comics dating back decades. This concealed and essentially disregarded treasure trove would doubtless be worth tens of thousands of dollars today, and P. assumes he read over three-quarters of its contents.

But the most entertaining part of Curt Swan’s work was his drawing board. Since he would be sent narrative scripts and asked to frame the graphics of the comic, he was often called upon to resurrect Superman’s old nemeses. As a result, his 4’x4’ artist’s easel was ringed by small drawings of the faces of every friend and foe Soop ever encountered — a work of art in and of itself.


Small minds require small pleasures, and Curt Swan’s drawing board with its frame of everyone from Lex Luthor to Bizarro Superman to Brainiac was always a joy to behold.

Passports in pawtucket


When P&J ran into our friend Julie Fischer at dinner the other evening, she alerted us to an excellent opportunity for folks who need to pick up a passport. It seems this program is largely unknown outside of The Bucket (Pawtucket).


Julie sez, “You can now apply for a US passport at Pawtucket Public Library. Pawtucket Library is the first library in RI to offer passport services. We’re also the only Passport Office in RI to offer evening hours — Monday through Thursday from 5 to 9 pm, very convenient for people who work during the day.”

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