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By NICHOLAS SCHROEDER  |  June 20, 2013
feat_yellow_cuealert_2_main  'CUE ALERT

I know I made the disclaimer about signs above, but the canary-yellow BBQ sign painted onto the brick wall of Salvage might very well be the first thing people notice when they pull into Portland this summer. Well, besides the drab Greyhound station and the Everytown, USA vibe of the Dunkin Donuts, but that only underscores my point. The barbecue joint in the former architectural-salvage building isn't even open yet, but I can't imagine it won't give the neighborhood of Parkside a little bump of food culture. Sure as hell worked for Holy Donut. This is run by the same crew that does Sonny's and Local 188 (where this writer occasionally moonlights; it's a small town) — which, to say nothing about the food, should at least indicate that aesthetic considerations are paramount. And of course, since pork is anathema in the Old Testament, pagan points up the wazoo. | LOCATION Salvage BBQ, 919 Congress St, Portland 

feat_yellow_entrylevel_3_ma  ENTRY LEVEL

The front door of the Breathing Room, the newest addition to greater Portland's constellation of yoga centers, is a bright bold shade of jasmine. To say it catches the eye is an understatement. Furthermore, it's adorned with an enormous peacock feather, a symbol of Hera, who apart from her standing in the pantheon of Greek mythology has some clout as a pagan goddess. Yoga, of course, has exploded in Portland (as in the US), which is pretty undeniably great. Its ties to the solstice are obvious (the sun salutation is one of its core elements), and even as it gains legions of followers, it's constantly getting hit with a barrage of panicked outrage from religious zealots attempting to link it to Satanism. We really doubt that's what the Breathing Room is going for here, but with a door this shocking, one can't be too sure. Whether you want to get a glimmer of a cultural divide or simply want to feel muscles you haven't used in years, consider walking through. | LOCATION Breathing Room, 864 Broadway, South Portland 

feat_yellow_playingball_3_m  PLAYING BALL

Any list of summer yellows would be woefully incomplete without a nod to street art, so here it is. The mural that adorns the wall of the basketball court at Kennedy Park in East Bayside has one great swatch of marigold at the top, but it's enough to bestow the whole court with a warm glow. On most summer days, the massive complex at the corner of Fox and Anderson streets is probably the most bustling site of athletic activity in the city. Between that and being a fine imprint of local paint culture (also a summer staple), this spot definitely makes the cut. | LOCATION Kennedy Park/Fox Field, Fox and Anderson streets, Portland 

 feat_yellow_davemarshalls_1 DAVE MARSHALL'S HOUSE

Awkward though it may be to shine the lens at a private residence (even a city councilor's), the painted wall on the otherwise eggshell-white house at the corner of Pine and Brackett is so unapologetic it gives me chills. This isn't some canary or honeysuckle shit, this is the sort of yellow that makes nearby landlords worry about property values. It's bold. It might be ecru or citrine, possibly even aureolin. It's almost solar-bright; if the rumors are true that they're planning to build an apartment complex beyond the parking lot across the street, those tenants-to-be might not have to pay for electricity. LFK, Blackstone's, Bonobo, and the Treasure Chest already make Pine Street a pretty colorful package as it is; just consider this the ribbon. | LOCATION 41 Pine St, Portland 

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