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Parsing the pols; the trouble with tolls; a new film fest
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  July 10, 2013

P&J recently encountered a heavy-duty power broker at our local dry cleaners who had an interesting insight. If Angel Taveras were to run for governor; defeat his primary — in both senses of the word — opponents, Gina Raimondo and Linc Chafee; then cakewalk into the state house by defeating whatever sacrificial lamb the GOP puts in the race, might this open the door for a mayoral challenge for head ramrod in Our Little Towne by . . . wait for it . . . Buddy “Vincent A.” Cianci?

Don’t put it past the Bud-I’s ego — especially after he was profiled in a recent New York Times Magazine piece — and think that he wouldn’t take the bait, provided he could make it a three-way race, where he’s the undisputed king of turning the situation to his advantage.

Yes, we know this offends many people’s sense of decency given the Bud-I’s past problems. But don’t ever count him out.

If you think this scenario is a public affront, look at New York City’s upcoming elections. Disgraced former governor Eliot Spitzer has indicated his desire to become the city’s comptroller (whatever the hell that job entails) and one of his opponents may well be the madame/pimp of the prostitute with whom Spitzer shared the Washington, DC, hotel tryst that led to his ouster. Now that’s as good campaign fodder as P&J get fed on a regular basis in Vo Dilun.

But topping that in the Big Apple may be the comeback of former Congressman and “sext-ing” enthusiast Anthony “Look at My” Weiner, who has entered the Democratic primary race for mayor of Gotham City. We hear that he’s currently polling — no phonetic jokes, please — quite well.

This all makes the Biggest Little’s pols look like saints in comparison. With some exceptions, Rubbers.

Bridge over troubled wallet

Oh, those folks up at Halitosis Hall are soooo clever! In order to get the 38 Studios money paid out, avoid any real investigation into that matter, and subsequently get the budget signed, the “leadership” tells the delegation from the area surrounding the new Sakonnet River Bridge that they’ll drop the proposed, highly-controversial tolls. Once they get their votes, they change the game at the last hour and add a nominal 10-cent bridge fee.

Only 10 cents? Okay. But this allows them to put in a toll (any toll) before the deadline marking the point after which the federal government says you can’t add one. Now it seems they can jack up the toll at any time and perhaps even add tolls elsewhere (I-95?).

It is becoming increasingly clear that the General Assembly has license to do whatever it chooses to do without the consent of the citizen taxpayer. This is just one such instance but it’s rather dramatic and in-your-face.

To vote some of these people out of office, we need to have reasonable candidates we can vote in. P&J sure hope that there are a lot of good Vo Dilanduhs seriously considering running for office in 2014 because we really are in crisis mode.

For Whom the Toll Bells

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