When it comes to tolls, P&J had concerns prior to the chicanery and craziness surrounding the nickels-and-dime “compromise” mentioned above. Earlier this year, there had been chatter from the state Bridge and Turnpike Authority about a more exorbitant toll on the now-infamous Sakonnet Bridge. And they may very well get the authority to instate it in the future if they can beat back the fight from East Bay legislators and cities and towns.

The plan worked in a very special (and idiotic) fashion: drivers with Rhode Island-based E-ZPass units would pay 75 cents to cross the bridge; drivers with out-of-state E-Z transponders would pay $3.75; and, if the drivers didn’t have an E-ZPass from any state, their license plates would be videotaped going through the toll station, and they would later be sent a letter/invoice charging them $5.25 each way.

Can’t you just see a guy in New Jersey or other points south who blew through Rhody coming and going to the Cape getting a $10.50 invoice in the mail and saying, “Oh yeah, I’ll be sending a check in for that right now”?

Or more likely, he’ll laugh and declare “Go eff yourself, Rhode Island,” with a digital gesture very familiar to The Biggest Little’s motorists. Maybe we can get Curt Schilling to pick up the inevitable revenue deficit that will produce.

Patriotic fervor

Tough times lately for the New England Patriots.

First, we had the revelation that the Russian KGB’s pin-up boy, Vladimir Putin, essentially stole Pats owner Robert Kraft’s beloved (and quite expensive, at an estimated $26,000) 2005 Super Bowl ring. And what a typical scenario for the Pussy Riot persecutor who takes his shirt off in public more than Matthew McConaughey. Putin evidently told Kraft — who handed him the ring to show off his team’s success, which Putin then reportedly trousered and faux-innocently walked away with, flanked by three KGB agents — “I can kill someone with this ring.” Charming fellow, wot?

Then came last month’s Aaron Hernandez murder arrest. Full points to Kraft for dumping the tattooed thug within a couple of hours of his arrest. But it’s yet another smear on New England’s supposedly high ethics standard, which has rapidly eroded during the past few years with head coach Bill “It is what it is” Belichick’s apparent desire to sign everyone in the Sons of Anarchy as long as they can block and tackle.

P&J were naturally appalled at Hernandez’s tacit affront to the Pats, and went to Gillette Stadium last weekend to take the team up on their offer to exchange our Hernandez #81 replica jerseys for those of other players. Jorge was immediately taken aback when he asked for a Big Daddy Lipscomb Pittsburgh Steelers jersey, which left the young clerk looking at him as dumbly as Lindsay Lohan in a bookstore. Phillipe likewise found no joy when he snarkily requested a Wes Welker Denver Broncos uniform top, but a quick backhander to the cheek calmed down the snarling employee before he could call security.

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