By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  August 1, 2013

This guy has apparently never listened to American talk radio or he would realize that only Rush Limbaugh can summon up the name “Hitler” and get away with it. 

Beach Blanket Bingo

P&J are delighted that the torrid summer, which has driven people to local beaches in droves, has focused the citizenry on many of the problems, successes, and nuances involved in keeping the state’s beaches clean.

While we do a wild version of the Twist with Annette, Frankie, and the gang on the beach, it’s always important to remember that the Ocean State’s beaches and shoreline are major economic drivers for the state through tourism and recreational and commercial fishing.

Communities such as Bristol have created enormous turnarounds in the water quality at their town beaches and it is paying off. Newport and Middletown, meanwhile, continue to valiantly fight ongoing problems with the seaweed and stormwater runoff that leave the Memorial Boulevard route alongside First Beach and Atlantic Beach a horrendous driving experience, with smells that would render a large hog unconscious. And we would know, since we brought a wild boar down there to test the assumption and it keeled over faster than Lindsay Lohan in an after-hours club.

Support your local environmental groups — Save the Bay, the Audubon Society of RI, and Clean Ocean Access — who do much of the dirty work in keeping some of our greatest resources clean and attractive. Are we biased? Damn right. Do the right thing.

Twist on, Annette, we’re making the world safe for you.


A number of significant people passed on in the past couple weeks and we will mention a few here. May they rest in peace.

J.J. Cale, the magnificent singer, songwriter, and (underrated) guitarist, passed away in California at the age of 74. Everyone knows his tune “Cocaine,” popularized by Eric Clapton, but you would do well to look into Cale’s catalog.

Then there was the passing at age 69 of George “Boomer” Scott, the slick fielding, tater-hitting, Red Sox infielder. He was a key member of the legendary “Impossible Dream” team (the original Dream Team) of 1967 and a colorful and popular player for many years. A great story about Boomer comes from years ago, when P. was working as a sportswriter. At spring training in Florida, a fan asked him for an autograph, and then inquired, “Who are you?” after Scott signed. Feigning (or not) astonishment, Boomer reportedly said in his high-pitched voice, “If you don’t know who George Scott is, you don’t know shit about baseball.”

Finally, since P&J are boxing fans, there’s sadness at Casa Diablo over the death of flamboyant former welterweight and middleweight champion Emile Griffith. He was both a flashy fighter and dresser who is perhaps best remembered for the 1962 welterweight championship fight that resulted in the death of Benny “The Kid” Paret. What added to the tragic drama was that Griffith had gone berserk at the weigh-in when Paret called him a maricon (“faggot” in Spanish slang) and had to be pulled away from Paret right then and there.

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