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Another eulogy for Linc; the return of Ut; the Culpo caper
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  September 11, 2013

Governor Linc Chafee’s decision not to run for another term upset P&J last week, if only for the fact that he didn’t consult us so his announcement wouldn’t come after our publishing deadline. Selfish bastard.

Local pundits are now having a field day trying to decide which presumptive Democratic gubernatorial candidate — Providence Mayor Angel Taveras or Little Rhody’s General Treasurer Gina Raimondo — will be helped the most by Chafee pulling out of the 2014 race. And let’s not be coy, Angel and Gina, we know that you’re running just from hearing the screams of joy echoing from your offices the minute Linc officially bowed out.

But Chafee’s decision shouldn’t have really surprised anyone. He has always been his own man, and a good man at that. Or at least one with the cojones to stand by his principles, a rarity in Vo Dilun politics.

P&J don’t and didn’t always agree with all of his policies or decisions. And he could at times be very brass-necked about them, even in the face of huge opposition. (Can you say, “Proposing an increased sales tax and an expanded list of items that he would impose it on,” boys and girls? Oh, that’s right. We don’t have fiscal crisis)

But knowing Linc for years, you could always be sure of one thing: the guv was not going to be swayed by the type of piddling, groveling, and/or bullying on which The Biggest Little’s decisionmakers have a patent.

That Linc would hold values first was seen when he refused, as a Republican, to vote for professional moron Dubya Bush for president in 2004. His distaste for the GOP — and the entire system in DC — was also boldly presented at a speech he gave at URI (which, it should be noted, The Washington Post covered, while The Urinal did not) while serving as a US Senator, in which he said he would rather see nothing done legislatively in Congress than have it continue to be a no-winners bloodbath between the two ruling parties that completely ignored what the people of this country wanted or needed. His disdain for the corrupt Beltway mentality that has driven the country into chaos and financial hardship for the middle class was exemplary, if ignored.

So P&J aren’t surprised to see him walk away from the personal attacks by mindless talk show hosts and callers who know as much about integrity, fairness, and doing the right thing as they do about quantum physics. He deserves much better than that lot of raving nutters, never mind the manipulators who run the General Assembly to no one’s benefit.

P&J have always thought that one of the best things that could be said about a person was that he or she was a “stand-up guy.” Linc Chafee is a stand-up guy.

Typo of the Week

P&J think the Providence Business News’ “Morning Call” e-blast hit it right on the head on September 10 with their description of the rapidly-expanding Twin River Casino: “Twin River Casino has won state lottery approval to increase the number of live table games at the one-time greyhound racetrack that morphed in June from a sprawling electronic slot-parlor into full blow casino.”

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