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Letters to the Boston editor: March 14, 2008
By BOSTON PHOENIX LETTERS  |  March 12, 2008

Regarding David Thorpe’s recent “The Big Hurt” column: it’s unfortunate and a sad commentary on society that you get paid for this. Do you like anything? There’s a difference between being a critic and just being critical. Within this whole piece of “journalism,” there is not one shred of credible writing, just a bunch of ranting without evidence. Basically, your writing style belongs in the student paper at Brookline High School. This is what brought me here: “Anyone who has to listen to a Black Crowes album to tell you it’s a piece of shit has no business being a critic.” Okay, name one Black Crowes album. Hell, name the newest one. It’s only been in the news all week.

I am admittedly a Black Crowes fan and I think the album’s pretty damn good. That’s irrelevant, though. My point is, you offer kudos to that ignoramus from Maxim because you and he are kindred spirits. Neither of you has any business being a critic. You can call something a “piece of shit” without offering one iota of material to support your opinion. Brilliant. David Fricke should really be worrying about his job security now. I won’t resort to personal attacks — though anyone who refers to a newborn infant as a “calf” certainly deserves it — but you come across as a royal idiot here. I’d be willing to bet neither Chris Robinson nor Nicole Richie stole your lunch money when you were in school, so stop acting like it. Be a writer, not a ranter.

Jeff Przech
Farmington, Connecticut

Leave library alone
Growing up in the shadow of the Washington Street El, where the South End and Lower Roxbury met, I had dreams that were bigger than the reality of living in a sometimes harsh environment.

One of the oases of my childhood was the public library on West Brookline Street, where my eyes could open wide to the world beyond my neck of the woods.

I am saddened to hear of Mayor Tom Menino’s apparent power grab of the Boston Public Library.

This place seemed safe from city politics. The pols at City Hall stayed clear of it as if it were the third rail. However, now it seems the power of the third rail has been disconnected as City Hall seeks control. Things have been going well for 160 years, why change them just because you can?

Menino should stay out of library politics and leave the library system alone.

Now is the time for all who cherish our world-class city library to protect it. The legacy of this library is our legacy. If we let it become politically decayed, we have only ourselves to blame.

Libraries aren’t just buildings. They are vehicles to the future leadership of this city. Politicians must stop playing politics with libraries. Play politics elsewhere, where no one can get hurt by such games.

Sal Giarratani

Good idea!
Your recent “Earthquake!” article was published exactly a year after your “If Terrorists Hit Boston” cover story. Is March a theme month? In ’09, will we see “Icebergs in Boston Harbor: Is the City Prepared for this Silent Menace?”

Brian Rust

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