How to eat seed corn

Fiscal due-diligence is a concept unfamiliar to denizens of Smith Hill
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  October 16, 2008

Well, well, well. It seems that on top of the state’s shortfall of $33 million entering fiscal ’09, it is now revealed that the first quarter revenue projections for the state have come in an additional $33 million less than expected, running our deficit up to $66 million with barely a toe of the Biggest Little into next year’s finances.

Governor Carcieri and the General Assembly casually point out that we have our state’s rainy day fund and things like the temporary disability insurance fund to tide us over in tough times. This, however, is a bit like eating your seed corn: deplete it now, and it cannot nurture any future growth. Farmers have known that simple wisdom for centuries. But that’s the kind of idiotic, cover-our-ass-while-reaming-your economic strategy that is prevalent among the personal pocket-liners on Smith Hill, and yet another reason for doing a Pinga! on your incumbent, unless you want more of the same.

Anyone have a nice “Sufferin’ Succotash” recipe calling for seed corn? Chow down, Vo Dilun.

“N” watch
Now that the scarily erratic John “Dubya” McCain and the unspeakable, vicious moron Sarah Palin have given their souls over totally to the Karl Rove tacticians that used vile slanders against McClueless eight years ago in South Carolina when his wife was accused of being a junkie and his daughter called a wog, what next?

Judging from what we are hearing from the audiences at recent McCain/Palin rallies, where racism is never discouraged and bubbles just below the surface, along with explicit calls for violence, P&J predict it will be someone allied with the GOP flat-out calling Barack Obama a “nigger” before the November election. And hey! Watch it on YouTube!

Oooh, too much for your sensitive ears? We’re almost there already, darlings, it’s just someone actually saying “nigger” out loud in public. Why not? Why pretend? You know Barack has been called that in the best clubs and worst dives throughout the country, so wouldn’t it stand to reason that one of these braying morons will get caught on tape at a major Republican rally? And possibly wearing a police uniform at the same time? How about an Alaskan state trooper doing the official first shout out, upon fear of being fired by his vindictive boss?

Obama talks about the American economic failure and foreclosures, and McCain talks about failed foreign wars and phony patriotism. Biden talks about energy policies, and Palin talks about William Ayers and Reverend Wright. Who is real and addressing the here-and-now issues, and who represents a hideous deformed spawn of Lee Atwater and Karl Rove, through trying to take your eye off the ball by making false personal attacks backed by the Big Lies the GOP has made its stock in trade? Not a hard question to answer, is it?

Keep your eyes and ears open. No tactics are beneath the contempt the desperate national GOP has for the American people.

P+J are pleased to see two newcomers — but old acquaintances — in the political wars this fall. Down in North Kingstown, Steve DeToy is giving it a run for Town Council under the Democratic banner, while across the bridge in Jamestown, Deb Ruggiero has leapt into the fray for state representative in District 74 that covers J-Town and part of Newport.

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