"MAINE PRISON BOSSES VIOLATE COURT ORDERS" | JUNE 29, 2007 | State corrections officials have violated at least two of three 35-year-old federal court orders protecting prisoners' rights, including allowing them access to the press. Long forgotten by both Corrections and the attorney general's office, we uncovered these orders, which are still in force today.

"A SUPERMAX 'GRADUATE" | JULY 13, 2007 | A man who admitted killing three people during a robbery was recently released from the Maine Supermax, and while incarcerated had begged prison officials for medicine and counseling, but was denied. The governor blames the mentally ill man, and not the system that failed to treat him.

"STABBED IN THE BACK" | SEPTEMBER 14, 2007 | Baldacci and corrections officials reward a prison snitch who saved the lives of inmates, guards, and civilians by spoiling an escape plot — by sending him to one of the country's most dangerous prisons, and by failing to honor their pledge to protect his life and his identity.

"WAVE OF REFORM" | FEBRUARY 8, 2008 | Activists and politicians alike find themselves with the opportunity to overhaul Maine's prison system. But the governor still stands in the way.

"IMPRISONED FACTS" | MAY 30, 2008 | The first unmonitored interview with inmates in 18 months reveals that prison officials either don't understand or intentionally misrepresent prison conditions to shore up their reluctance to treat inmates humanely. And the Corrections Department remained steadfastly opposed to allowing media access to inmates, despite the court orders — and the principles of good government.

"TIME FOR A CLEAN SWEEP?" | JULY 25, 2008 | A former guard at the Maine State Prison details a culture of abuse and harassment that flows from the top officials to the guards and, ultimately, to the inmates themselves. She calls for top-to-bottom reform.

"THE MENTALLY ILL, CRIMINALIZED" | SEPTEMBER 12, 2008 | State officials have a mentally ill inmate transferred from the state mental hospital, where he was receiving treatment that was helping his conditions, back to the prison, where his treatment is stopped.


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