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Letters to the Boston editor, April 17, 2009
By BOSTON PHOENIX LETTERS  |  April 15, 2009

Two weeks in a row your paper trumpeted the fact that Rush Limbaugh is at the top of your “Unsexiest Men” list. You guys aren’t even pretending to be unbiased. If Mr. Limbaugh, with the exact same mannerisms, was trumpeting left-wing rhetoric instead of that of the right, he wouldn’t even be in the top 100!

Jamie Branson

Age of Aquarius apocalypse
Mike Miliard is correct that there’s a lot of misinformation out there about the theory that the world will end in 2012, when the Mayan calendar turns over. At the forefront of much of it is the notion that the 2012 date itself is hugely significant. In fact, many of the changes predicted by the Mayans and others are already well underway. It’s not the date itself that’s significant so much as the period of cyclical history we’re now immersed in.

More important, in our view 2012 isn’t about doomsday scenarios, although the destruction of the ecosystem and some long-standing positive cultural values are certainly a very real concern. Our nonprofit organization, the Emergence Project, is focused on helping foster more nuanced interpretations of 2012. If nothing else, the 2012 theme is a wake-up call to the need for mindful corrective action and a new kind of awareness in a world increasingly riddled by out of control complexity.

The article seemed lopsided in its approach, since the only sources interviewed were those highly skeptical at the outset.

Tom Valovic
The Emergence Project

Annette Farrington
Executive Director
The Emergence Project

Alpha-bits scoop
Chris Faraone’s piece on the protest for basic human rights at Government Center on March 27 belies what should be the true intent of those seeking equality for all — “undocumented” immigrants included. Faraone refers to anyone who dares disagree with the protesters (or himself, for that matter) as “dingbats,” “ignorant,” “disinterested,” “clowns,” “bigots,” and “cowards.”

I thought “wild liberals” like Faraone were wed to the concept that protest is the most fundamental aspect of a democracy. But apparently this fundamental aspect only applies to those who agree with the protesters’ (and Faraone’s) politics and methods. Everyone else is to be the recipient of childish insults. To paraphrase Frank Barone, and in keeping with Faraone’s impressive journalistic style, I could have eaten a bowl of Alpha-Bits and crapped a better report.

Kirby Johnson

Adam Reilly incorrectly credited the Boston Globe with breaking the story of State Senator Marian Walsh’s controversial hiring at the Massachusetts Health and Education Facilities Authority. Walsh’s hiring was first reported by State House News Service. The Globe was the first to report on an e-mail trail that documented the deep involvement of Patrick’s closest aides in the patronage pick.

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