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The briefly indecent Boston Globe

Freedom watch
It was startling to see the Boston Globe ’s online edition publish a Reuters wire-service article on Monday, March 17, containing the words “fuck” and “shit.”
By: HARVEY SILVERGLATE  |  March 19, 2008


Totalitarian ploy defeated

Free speech trumps Boston cops
For performance artist Milan Kohout, freedom of speech has prevailed.


J’accuse redux

Settling Dreyfus’s affairs at BU
It all started in October 1894, when an anonymous handwritten letter offering secret French military information was found in the wastebasket of a German military attaché.
By: NEELY STEINBERG  |  March 13, 2008


Common cents

Free money? Well, sort of.
Our government is now taking its cues from late-night infomercials.
By: DOUG HEYE  |  March 12, 2008


Ticket chase

Ace Ticket deal offers several benefits for the Red Sox
Last week, the Phoenix broke the news that the Boston Red Sox were opting out of the agreement Major League Baseball struck last year making eBay–owned online sports-ticket giant StubHub the official reseller of MLB seats.
By: IAN DONNIS  |  March 12, 2008

More than a few loose ends

BPD to review Cowans evidence
Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis has ordered a review of evidence in the wrongful conviction of Stephan Cowans, following a report in the Phoenix that raised questions about possible police misconduct .
By: DAVID S. BERNSTEIN  |  March 05, 2008


Obama bicycle cycle

Mat Honan will start your new online fad
In case you haven’t already heard, Barack Obama is your new bicycle.
By: NINA MACLAUGHLIN  |  February 27, 2008


Beat the clock

Does anybody really know what time it is?
“The Earth is a terrible timekeeper,” says Geoff Chester, the spokesman for this country’s official clock-master, the US Naval Observatory in Washington, DC.
By: JEFF INGLIS  |  February 27, 2008


Comcast plays dirty

Seat-fillers "bused in" for net neutrality hearings
The Ames Courtroom at Harvard Law School was full past capacity Monday morning.
By: MIKE MILIARD  |  February 26, 2008


Our championship season

Brilliant us
This year’s New England Press Association annual awards dinner forsook the Park Plaza’s rubber chicken for the upper-scale poultry fare at the Marriott Copley Place. And the food’s not the only reason we’re glad we went.
By: CLIF GARBODEN  |  February 13, 2008


Beauty and the geeks

I, Dorkbot
The idea? A shooting gallery where the goal is to hit the ducks — and avoid bagging Dick Cheney’s hunting partner.
By: GEORGIANA COHEN  |  February 14, 2008


Stop the presses

Books they never finished publishing
Overzealous merchandisers who banked on the Patriots juggernaut winning Super Bowl XLII were stuck with celebratory paraphernalia they could no longer sell.
By: NEELY STEINBERG  |  February 13, 2008


Lansdowne Street blues

The first House of Blues opened in Harvard Square in 1992.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  February 06, 2008


Truth and illusion

The Big Dig settlement
There is a word for when a private party threatens to get someone indicted unless money is paid: extortion.
By: HARVEY SILVERGLATE  |  January 30, 2008


FairVote RI targets teen pre-registration

Youth vote
With the General Assembly’s 2008 session underway, FairVote Rhode Island has resumed the fight for the main issue on its agenda: advance voter registration for 16- and 17-year-olds.
By: JESSICA KERRY  |  January 25, 2008


21st-century man

Fear and lying on the campaign trail
I’ve been there, I know what it’s like to be outnumbered, marching toward Calais.
By: JAMES PARKER  |  January 23, 2008


Judging Chris Matthews

Julian Houston on race in Boston
Anyone meeting Julian Houston for the first time might feel intimidated.
By: NEELY STEINBERG  |  January 23, 2008


Staph infection — the full story

In the flesh
That’s right, a rare bug that threatened to eat away at gay guys like mice on cheese is rampant in the city closest to Portland.
By: TONY GIAMPETRUZZI  |  January 23, 2008


Frontline online
The Internet can be terrifying.
By: MIKE MILIARD  |  January 16, 2008


Thought for food

A million words for rice
If you’re going to waste your time (or your company’s time) online, stop thinking about porn or poker and do something constructive.
By: CLIF GARBODEN  |  January 16, 2008


Tritown flashback

The return of Hollis the Mountain Man
Except for its art museum, Fitchburg is generally off the Phoenix radar.
By: CLIF GARBODEN  |  January 09, 2008

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