55. Newt Gingrich

56. Rob Schneider

57. Ed O'Neil: We love ya, Ed, but sorry. There was a reason you never waited on any really hot girls at that shoe store.

58. Bill O'Reilly

59. Clay Aiken: This feels like a cheap shot, but even leaving aside the rumors about his personal life, he still looks like someone's bratty little brother.

60. Joe Lieberman

61. Jim Gaffigan: Pasty, goofy-looking comedians abound on this list.

62. Bill Maher: . . . Especially ones with poodle hair.

63. John Popper

64. Dennis Miller

65. John Madden: Those massive hands seem more frightening than anything. Boom!

HE MAY LOOK OKAY HERE: But he plays Freddy Krueger66. Robert Englund: Seriously, try lying in bed next to him without thinking about Freddy Krueger.

67. Robert Patrick: Seriously, try lying in bed next to him without thinking about the T-1000

68. John Ashcroft

69. Joe Gannascolli

70. Kevin James: His TV marriage to Leah Remini on King of Queens is less believable than anything on Lost.

71. George Steinbrenner: Come on, we live in Boston, you knew it was coming.

72. Grady Little: Come on, we live in Boston, you knew it was coming.

73. Harvey Pekar

74. DJ Qualls: What's he weigh, like, 70 pounds? How much of that is grease?

75. Joey Buttafuoco

76. Garry Shandling

77. Meat Loaf Aday

78. Joe Walsh

79. Tom from Myspace: As a friend of mine said, why does he have to be everyone's friend? Isn't that a little needy? Not hot at all.

80. Art Garfunkel

81. Brian Posehn

82. Howie Mandel

83. Barry Bonds: If what his mistress told the authors of Game of Shadows is true, then no, you don't want any part of that

84. Dick Vitale: Call it a hunch, but we have a feeling that sex with Dickie V. would be anything but "awesome, baby."

85. Richie "La Bamba" Rosenberg

86. Jeff Van Gundy

87. Jimmy Johnson: It's the hair

88. John Clayton: How is this ESPN's top football guy?

89. Don Vito: I suppose we were never really supposed to know what Bam Margera's uncle looks like, but since we do, he has to be included.

90. Lemmy Kilmister: Sadly, the ravages of time have not been kind to him.

91. (tie) Hideki Matsui / Jose Canseco: "Every time I have tried to help a woman, I've been incarcerated," Canseco famously said on The Surreal Life. You old charmer, you.

ALSO NOT HOT: Poseurs who are allergic to being photographed without their wives.92. Bill Parcells: Especially when you see the photos of him in shorts at training camp

93. Ric Flair: To be the man (WOO!) you got to . . . do something about those man boobs!

94. Ralph Nader 

95. Dennis Kucinich: Something about those progressives.

96. Horatio Sanz: Laughing at your own jokes is not sexy

97. Dom DeLuise

98. Emeril Lagasse

99. Kevin Federline: Mooching hicks aren't so hot these days.

100.Brad Pitt: He may look good, but if the rumors about his hygiene and BO issues are true, then he's probably not worth it.

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