There's not a single character in The Windup Girl who ends up where they think they were going. And that was deliberate. I wanted all the characters to think they were going in one direction and then to have a veering moment, and that's very close to my obsession.

Is this your first time in Boston?
No, actually, I've got family in the Concord area. My wife's family is there, and so I come out to do Readercon and then also spend some time with family. But my wife and I actually used to live in Cambridgeport area. And where I had my job, in the United States, at least, was here in the Boston area. I used to work for a technology company back when Web start-ups where happening all the time and all that kind of stuff. This is where I decided I didn't like working in a cubicle and I wanted to do something different, and I started, on the weekends, handwriting out the first ideas for my first novel. And thinking at the time that I was gonna sell my novel by the time I was 25, and I was gonna be amazing, and all this kinda stuff. Didn't work out that way.

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