Interview: Al Jaffee [unabridged]

By DAN MAZUR  |  November 18, 2010

There were so many different styles of humor, too — you had the movie spoofs, like you said, and Don Martin, which was his own thing and Spy v Spy, "Snappy Answers." Different formats. Dave Berg, The Lighter Side.

Right, which was more a conventional comedy of manners. Sitcom humor. I liked it as a kid. But I loved Don Martin, too, with the tongue and the parade going over it. See, Don Martin, he touched on the "plausible impossible." I mean, he'd have people run over by a steamroller and hung up in a room somewhere and someone comes in and inflates the guy.

Yeah, I think I liked Don Martin better than TheLighter Side. But there was a place for Dave Berg's stuff.

Maybe that's what the parents liked if they picked up Mad. I mean, I loved Dave Berg's comic-book work. He was really good at comic books. I think he sold this idea to Mad and that's all they would buy from him. So, y'know. . .

There were books, too. He did a lot of books, and they sold well, too. They were comfort things, they didn't attack anything, they didn't expose anything — it was just ordinary life with a little joke twist on it. I'm not gonna knock it. I wouldn't knock anybody in the business, because everybody's serving a purpose. It's okay with me.

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