One last thing I've always been curious about is whether you're going to write more about politics. Because you always hone in on your subjects with such great insight. What do you think, for instance, when you watch a Republican presidential debate? Crazy. It was crazy. The craziest part about that debate was when Brian Williams was trying to ask Rick Perry about the number of people he executed and before he could get to the question the crowd cheered. That was insane. But the perspective of the people cheering in the audience is that they think, I would guess — this would be my assumption — that in their mind the key components of morality would be the rule of law, the power of authority, punishing the wrong. So it was surprising to me, but after the initial surprise, after I thought about it for a while, it certainly became less surprising.

Author bio: Steve Almond [] is the author of the new story collection God Bless America [].

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