SO WHEN WE SEE YOU AT THE WILBUR IT WILL BE THE GENUINE ARTICLE. It'll be the real deal. I haven't farmed it out to the look-alike yet.

WILL PARKS AND RECREATION BE BACK NEXT YEAR? We haven't officially heard. But I think we're cautiously optimistic, if you will.

IT'S MY FAVORITE TV SHOW. I'M NOT JUST SAYING THAT. Whoa, come on. I heard an interview with you where you said the same thing to the guy from Man v. Food.

HOW MUCH OF TOM HAVERFORD IS YOUR OWN CREATION AND HOW MUCH IS THE WRITERS'? It's a team effort. They take my input into account. Little things I improvise inform the writing. The writers are very good at picking up on things we do and writing towards our performances.

HOW DO YOU THINK TOM AND RAAAAAAAANDY WOULD GET ALONG? Oh, my God. I think Tom would probably think he's a pretty cool guy. I think Tom would just be in awe of the way he gets all these girls all the time.

YOU'RE A NOTED CONNOISSEUR OF FINE FOOD. TALK ABOUT YOUR TRIP TO JAPAN WITH DAVID CHANG AND JAMES MURPHY. We took a photo together, the three of us: me, David Chang, who's a chef in New York, and James Murphy, who was the singer in LCD Soundsystem. We were all talking about how much we love Tokyo. So I tweeted it out and said, "If anyone wants to send us to Tokyo, we'll do it." The next day, GQ got in touch and said, "We want to do this." It was crazy. We all went. It was really insane. It was a great trip.


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