What do you think of the presidential campaign thus far?I know you're probably not a Mitt Romney fan, although I gather that you're not especially enamored of Obama. Well, yes, I voted for Obama because he was the Democratic candidate. I have to confess that I was a John Edwards supporter. Obviously, although I may be a good judge of politics, I'm a horrible judge of character. Like everyone else, I had no idea what his private life was like. But the reason I was a John Edwards supporter was because of his mention that there are a lot of poor people in America.

I was surprised at how many really smart people just imagined Obama. It isn't even that he said things and then didn't do them. I mean, he did do that — all candidates do that. But truthfully, he never seemed to me to be terribly liberal. He seemed to me to be basically a yuppie!

It was literally a romance. That's exactly what you do in romances. That is the only way you can fall in love! You can not fall in love with someone you know. That is impossible. So here comes this stranger, and they appeal to you in certain ways, and then all of your fantasies you project onto them. And Obama was very unknown for a presidential candidate — and everyone fell in love with him. I did not fall in love with him. So I examined him more closely and I decided, "This guy is a yuppie!" I didn't loathe him. But I didn't hear him talk about poor people; there's a lot of things I didn't hear him talk about. And I understand why he didn't talk about certain things, but I wish he had. He broke promises, but they all break promises.

So when I say I didn't vote for Obama with a lot of fervor, the fervor that I had was to not have John McCain be the president. And the fervor I have now is to not have Mitt Romney be the president. I don't think Obama's been a horrible president, I just think he hasn't been the president of a lot of people's dreams, including mine.

And I think the things he's done are in keeping with our coming to know who he is. He is very much a résumé guy. You see that. And that is common in people who come from nowhere. That's how they judge everything. That is the down side of coming from nowhere. They don't have the luxury of judging people individually, so all these markers – "He went to Yale, he went to Harvard" — those things are of central importance to someone like Obama. But if you've known enough of these people in your lifetime, you know it's pretty meaningless.

And the thing I like about Obama is that he came out of nowhere. . . .The only thing I liked about Clinton was that he came out of nowhere, and that's what I liked about Obama. The problem with people who come out of nowhere is that they use very blunt markers for people. If you come from Arkansas, the fact that someone went to Harvard is immensely meaningful. Because compared to everyone in Arkansas, that's really a big deal. But if you've known people like this, you know that there are people who go to Harvard who are morons. There are people who go to Harvard because their grandfather went there. . . . Lots of them, not just a couple of them. And that, by the way, being a great student doesn't make you a great genius. So Obama is like that, because how else would he judge those kind of people?

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