I mean, to me, one of the great things about Franklin Roosevelt was that during the Second World War, he called the presidents of the big companies in the United States into his office and yelled at them. And said that if there is price gouging, I'm closing you down. And he knew these people. The president of US Steel comes in to see Franklin Roosevelt, and Franklin Roosevelt thinks, "Here comes Stinky! Who sat next to me in Latin class at Groton and tried to copy off my paper!" But someone like Clinton or Obama goes, "Oh my God, the president of US Steel is coming to my office!" That to me is the downside of coming from nowhere. That might be — I don't know, I don't know Obama — but that would be a more logical explanation for Timothy Geitner and Larry Summers. Who in my opinion should not have been within a billion miles of this financial crisis that they helped create. Robert Rubin! These people should be in prison! They shouldn't be in the Oval Office advising the president!

You would include Geitner and Summers? Well, Larry Summers, I don't know his private dealings. I know that he was the president of Harvard. But Robert Rubin? You know, if someone has millions and millions and millions of dollars, it's really simple: you don't earn hundreds of millions of dollars, you steal it. You earn $12 an hour. These people should not be advising.

Business is not the same thing as economics. The country doesn't seem to realize this. It's the opposite. People say, "Business is very complicated. Only a genius can be in business." Business is the simplest thing on the planet. It has one purpose: to make a profit. It's really simple. Economics is really complicated. Politics is complicated. There's a million values in politics and economics. There's only one in business. And so I think it's terrible to bring businessmen into these types of decisions. They don't care about most people. Forty-seven percent! Romney doesn't care about — I hate to use this phrase — he doesn't care about 99 percent of the people! He doesn't care about them, he doesn't even know who they are! Of course he doesn't care about them! That videotape, whatever it's called now, the thing that Mother Jones got? That was a shock to people? People are moronic. That wasn't a surprise to me.

. . . Can I ask you a question? Is Elizabeth Warren going to win?

I don't know. I think it's too close to call. I can imagine that you're more for Elizabeth Warren than for Scott Brown? Yes, good guess! I love Elizabeth Warren. Scott Brown looks to me like an aging waiter . . . . Like a failed soap-opera actor. There are tons of people like this in LA and New York — these guys who were very good looking when they were young, they thought they would become actors, and they're still coming to your table telling you the specials.

Fran Lebowitz + Frank Rich | Sanders Theatre, 45 Quincy Street, Cambridge :: October 10 :: 8 pm :: $30-$65 :: 617.482.6661 or celebrityseries.org

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