Do you feel like you write from your best self?

I do, I think that absolutely I do. That’s the thing I could offer to the world, in some tiny way. Bring some illumination, transcend. Transcend — I think about what that word really means, and it means to connect essentially, like moving from one room to another. I know I feel that. When you read something great, don’t you feel like “Yes, yes this is what we’re here for”?

That’s why I write in the first place, because I’ve had those experiences reading.

I love that fact. Did you talk to George Saunders? His stuff is like that too. That’s what I love about all kinds of writers, too. You can be doing all kinds of different things, and you’re doing that work of really connecting.

Like: what does it mean to be human? That’s such a big, big question that literature is allowed to ask in ways that we forget to ask in our daily lives. So when I say my writing is my best self, it’s the self that’s really speaking on that level.

The self that’s me is complaining about how I feel sick and my house is a mess, and my daughter had a fit this morning and my husband and I are like what is her fucking problem — so that’s my mundane, regular self.

 My higher self is the one that writes those words.

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