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By GREG COOK  |  June 4, 2014

FUSED FUN A mixed media work by McLean Graham.
The six-person show “Nonspace,” curated by Matthew King at GRIN (60 Valley St, Providence, through June 14), has two standouts. Julia Csekö connects a pair of stainless steel spoons by one handle like a wishbone. She makes a group of forks that all hang down from one handle like a root system. The sculptures are a bit gimmicky, but dreamily intriguing.

Clark McLean Graham offers weird piles of toys apparently stuck together with and mounted atop piles of beeswax. Which themselves sit atop child-sized red chairs mounted on the wall. For example, one has a bunch of little rubber wrestler dolls, a Donald Duck head, a cartoon Tasmanian Devil figurine, and a Lego dude. A Barbie-ish doll stands atop the pile. And a cutout photo of model Kate Moss, with the eyes sliced out, is stuck on the front of the weirdness. There’s something of the late artist Mike Kelley’s love-hate-freakout relationship with pop culture here. They feel like shrines the Predator might concoct from spit and the ruins of humanity, or tchotchkes that grandpas and grandmas in 2055 may display around their living rooms in nostalgia for their 1980s childhoods. I mean that as a thumbs up, of course.

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